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  1. just read the Genetech also implemented the Arecont cameras in their software. Not sure if the 360° model is also put in.
  2. try stamweb.com They certainly have one of the most extended cctv trainings online.
  3. rikky

    Major Players in the CCTV Industry

    OK, depends on what you're looking for: CCD manufacturors, camera manufacturors, resellers, installers, ...
  4. rikky

    Pelco Endura Problems

    would suppose that the max. qty is linked to their Database management system. Don't know if Endura is Pelco's own system, or if they're rebranding it from another Software company. But would suppose that an enterprise level system would be capable of more than 80 cams, when using the correct software licenses and hardware combination.
  5. Does this also count for the big names, like Milestone, Genetech, ... ?
  6. Hi, I've just been looking at the specs of the new Axis 233D network dome. Sounds pretty amazing on features if you compare it to all other network domes, even if you compare it to standard domes. As i haven't been using Axis cameras before, i'm interested to know if somebody has got good/bad experiences with this or other Axis domes, before i go out and sell this one. thanks,
  7. rikky

    Auto-iris lens

    First thing I would check is the colour settings of the camera, and switch between AWB and ATW.
  8. Guess the answers will completely differ according the market you try to sell in. Retail will have other requirements than mobile applications or casinos have. Which market segment are you looking at?
  9. When looking at PTZ solutions, Pelco's Esprit is the solution i've mostly seen out there. In order to differentiate, and knowing that Pelco is not always top of the line, their might be better out there available on the market. Therefore I'm interested to know if there are good alternatives you guys have been working with. Or maybe you'll advise just to stick with Pelco's solution. Thanks,
  10. just look at most taiwanees / korean dvr's. Most of them try to be compatible with lots of different PTZ / dome protocols.
  11. I guess that's a common practice when coping with higher-end IP systems (like Pelco's Endura). Although here I guess that the Panasonic I-pro stuff should be very straight forward. Unless they've been showing revolutionary things at ISC, there current range only has some cams, recoders and a viewing software. No need to be certified for these standard components in my opinion.
  12. rikky

    vari-focal or not?

    just go varifocal. After all, for most suppliers price differences between standard auto iris fixed lenses and standard varif. lenses are minor.
  13. rikky

    Extremes new Reg Camera

    What's so special about it?
  14. rikky

    Aiming IR Illuminators

    Good point rory. Although some technicians prefer to do it the hard way; going back multiple times in order to get a decent result out of the installation ... while customers get annoyed.
  15. rikky

    PTZ controllers

    Rory, Have you ever seen a PTZ head with the GE protocol in there? Is that available on the market?