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    Can anyone claerly define how the process of dynamic IP adressing with such a router and a service. How to connect for example a Kalatel DVMRe and the Wavereader software via this method?? Many thanks if someone has got info to make this clear.
  2. rikky

    GE CMOS Camera

    Just had a quick look at a Ultraview demo. Quite astonishing in backlight environment! Has anyone else got any experience with this camera? Please let us know. Many thanks
  3. rikky

    Switcher Problem

    Which type of switcher and monitor where being used?
  4. Has anyone got info on the quality of lexcom videoboards?
  5. rikky


    Herminsh, What's the brand of your tester for RJ and coax?
  6. Loop, On having the info on the big players in the enterprise market. Is there any chance that Clearcast can compeet with the other ones? Have you got any pricing indications, refering to the other ones??
  7. rikky

    DVR with audio

    As stated here before, indeed Nice is one of the pioneers of quality audio recording. They won't disappoint you on quality. (Beware of the price)
  8. Wavereader software: Is there anyother possibility to save *.60d files, other than via the 'Disk analysis Tool'. Can these files e.g. be saved directly from the advanced search function. It ain't exactly very interesting, to go always first seeking for the video in the search menu, and later on doing a research in the Disk analysis. Maybe, anyone has got a smarter solution? Many thanks
  9. Hi, A disk on our PC system, has accidently been reformatted for W2K. No new video has been written on it. Is there any (freeare) solution to regain the info which was initially on the disk? Thanks
  10. Don't hesitate on Vigilant. Just take a close look at the Pelco material DX-range.
  11. Which are your test results with the GE system. Can it compete with Nice, Loronix, Vigilant?
  12. Rory, Are you talking about the "File Split Utility" from Kalatel?
  13. Has anyone got experience with how to set up a storesafe on a dynamic IP adressing service. How was it done; which service was being used; how is the result ?? Many thanks
  14. rikky

    Wireless camera

    Hi, Does anyone has seen a good quality wireless cctv camera?? Thanks for the info.
  15. rikky

    Motorised Zoom Lens

    How can a motorised zoom lens (computar, Fujinon, etc) be connected and controlled to a standard camerabody?? There is a plug for the DC iris control. But what with the zoom control? How can the zoom control be controlled via e.g. a Kalatel keyboard (KTD405)?? Thanks
  16. rikky

    GE CMOS Camera

    I've heard that the Ultraview won't have a backfocus ring on the camera. Is this standard with any CMOS camera? Does every camera has a backfocus ring? What if it does not?
  17. Has somebody seen any clear, nice and indepth installation method on how to setup a lens on a camera in order to obtain professional CCTV performance? Thanks
  18. Is there a difference in signal level on the two RG59 coax outputs on the back of a camera? I do see a video out and a monitor out Do these interfere with each other? Do these have the same video level?
  19. Thanks Rory for your help! Please do advise on the way how to set the iris level on an auto-iris lens. Is this possible on every camera? How is this done? Many thanks
  20. Has somebody already been integrating Vicon Domes on a DVMRe Kalatel system? If possible, which Probridge module is needed? Which types of Vicon domes can be integrated? Thanks for your help.
  21. Has anyone got an idea of the different test equipment that is usefull for the installation / support on CCTV products. (like RG59 cable tester, ...) And where can I find such equipment?
  22. rikky


    Hi, Does anybody have info on manufacturors who are specialised in materials for CCTV demorooms. I'm searching for professional systems for. . Structured CCTV cabling, . Demoroom hardware (except CCTV systems) Thanks, Rik
  23. rikky

    UTP transmission

    Ive heard that SC&T is also good material. Has anybody heard of them?
  24. rikky


    Thanks for the UTP idea. Could be of use. Perhaps there is a solution to do the same with RG59 coax cabling? Is there some network manufacturor who has this? Anyone seen this yet?