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  1. Your provider may be willing to sell you a public IP for that connection as well. Its worth asking.
  2. Pins 123 and 6 are used for ethernet. The colors of the unused pairs may vary depending on how your cable is wired. Look up tia/eia 586a/b
  3. I think he's talking about using the unused pairs to host an analog signal. Might be a trick to do a neat installation at either end. Need to split out the pairs with different functions. It's done successfully with phone signals, I have no idea whether the analog video signal would induce errors in the data pairs. Test it and let us know! PS-- I assume you're running 10 or 100MB here. Gigabit uses all the pairs.
  4. It probably needs the additional amperage to run the plasma gun for active countermeasures.
  5. Yes, it wasn't clear to me whether he needed 3.6 or 1.5. Curious that the manufacturer supplied a 1.5A wall wart for that camera. If 3.6 is needed, he needs an outlet nearby or some heavy wire.
  6. Yeah the 24vac->12vdc converter I mentioned is only rated to deliver 1.5A at 12vdc. You need to have at least 20vac at the camera for the converter to work. 24vac at .75A should be fine for 200' of 18/2 (<1.8v drop)
  7. Feed your 24vac to the siamese and use something like an AT12015-D01 at the camera end to get your 12vdc.
  8. musher

    extreme cold weather cameras and equipment (-60)

    Sounds like we're neighbors then. Temps are almost back up to where you can bend wires again. Here's a pic of the foam install. Not real pretty, but it's not too obtrusive when painted to match the building. I'd advise using a circle cutter instead of a jigsaw like I did. I
  9. If you're stuck with 12vdc for the cameras, you can also run 24vac over the line and rectify to 12vdc at the camera end using something like an AT12015-D01 ac/dc adapter.
  10. musher


    Really? I think the credit card thing must be new. I had a grandfathered free account for years (with 4 domains) and went on vacation the week before my "reminder" to verify activity. I got back about 12 hours after the deadline and my account was gone. I was able to set up a new free account with 2 domains and no credit card. This was back in July, I think. I probably ought to just pay them. It's a handy service.
  11. musher

    extreme cold weather cameras and equipment (-60)

    Hi, I'm running a couple sanyo hd3500s and an acti 7411 outside in Fairbanks. I mounted 1 sanyo with a 2" blue foam donut fitted around the outside of the dome casing to hold in the heat a bit, the other sanyo is just surface mounted. Haven't seen any difference between the 2 so far. This will be the 2'nd winter for these cameras. -52F at my house this morning and all cameras reported for duty. I am running everything on 24VAC backed by a UPS to keep things alive (and warm) if the main power should fail for a bit. The temps are well outside the camera specs, but so far so good...
  12. Hmm, Korgoth pretty hi-tech for barbarian. Power led now reports 0. Of course, I'm 350 miles away so I can't really see it. Easier than climbing the ladder. Searched all over for LED, but it never occurred to me to search for power_led. Found the document right away with that. Of course, I gotta go up and remove bpzle's solution when I get home. thanks.
  13. HA! As it turns out this is exactly the fix I employed this morning. Different brand of tape though. Hope I didn't screw everything up.
  14. Hi, Does anyone know if there's a way to deactivate the power led on an ACTI 7411? I've set one up in a birdhouse but at night, at the right angle, the led glares out the "bird hole" like a satanic sparrow. I've perused the camera menus but can't find a setting to do this. Figured I'd ask here before I gave up.
  15. Nah, we've even got lightning up there now. Courtesy of global warming according to the eggheads up at the university.