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  1. Can you connect inside your network? If so then it is a port forward problem. I installed it on a iphone and it works perfect. Even with the latest updates from eagleeyes still no luck for my ipod touch though..
  2. I guess it really comes down to each their own preference or what they are used to using. I like the dock probably cause I am a neat freak and I hate having stuff cluttered about or a bunch of desktop icons and clicking start>all programs and searching for what i want so the dock is perfect for me. My friend loves all his shortcuts on the desktop and the different menu bar for each running application and he loves his start button. I like having only one menu bar for everything and i don't like the start button. I don't care about where the task bar is, top or bottom I just want it clean with out all the symbols for different apps that are running in the background. I hate auto start up applications and it seems like every application you install on windows wants to automatically start up. even the apple software for windows starts up automatically with silly iTunes helper or mobile helper and junk. I don't have this with mac or ubuntu and they are easy to turn off for the ones that do happen. I did have my share of kernel panics on leopard and tiger but snow has been, fingers crossed, kernel panic free. I hate that when you click the red "x" to close a window on mac, that it only closed the window but leaves the application running. Another: after downloading an application you need to drag it to the applications folder to install it. WTF? You can open it, run it, use it but it will not get installed to the applications folder. I manage a network of 2 macs, 1 Ubuntu, 4 pc xp, 1 pc vista. I don't do anything major, I just keep them updated and networked. The Mac is the one I enjoy using over all. I think maybe because I am a clicker when I am trying to get something to work or when I am searching for software and downloading torrents and stuff this gets me into trouble. And i guess because of the control thing or lack of control on mac i don't have those problems. I also like the modern design and intuitiveness of the how the os works aside from a few flaws.
  3. I did a blank search on VersionTracker and there is 194,727 applications for Windows and 22,942 for OS X. Thats a huge difference but in my experience the os x apps are of better quality and I am more likely to keep and use. Not worrying about viruses, spyware, malware and junk or running a anti-spyware is deffently a good reason to use os x. I found an article over at the washingtonpost.com (http://voices.washingtonpost.com/securityfix/2009/10/avoid_windows_malware_bank_on.html): "Virtually all of the data-stealing malware in circulation today is built to attack Windows systems, and will simply fail to run on non-Windows computers
  4. Thanks for your answer but I have the 3.1.2 on my ipod touch and I borrowed my friends iphone, 3.1.2 also, and it installed without a hitch and works. I emailed the company earlier today and still waiting for a reply. is't the ipod touch is just like iphone only without gps, phone, and a camera. Right? So, why won't it work? I am so frustrated. thanks
  5. The funny thing is that your iPod Touch operating system is OS X. Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPhone_OS "iPhone OS, known as OS X or OS X iPhone in its early history, is the operating system developed by Apple for the iPhone and iPod touch."
  6. uniquer

    Geovision with Linux

    Thanks Mate! I emailed them and got the software.
  7. I have been trying to get eagleeyes to install on my 3rd generation ipod touch and it won't. i can download it from the itunes store and select it to sync and when the sync is finished it deselects its self. Why won't it work?
  9. uniquer

    viewing with mac book

    I am one of the "total MAC heads" and I find VMware much better than parallels but if all you need is IE and you don't want to spend the money on a Microsoft windows license than Crossover may work for you.
  10. uniquer

    Geovision with Linux

    I have a pc and it has a Geovision 800 16ch card. The pc had windows xp and DTT USA software but recently the hard drives both crashed and everything is gone. I replaced the hard drives and, because I do not like Windows very much, I installed ZoneMinder Linux on it. And now i can't find drivers for the Geovision card. Apparently they don't make any ( i hope i am wrong ). Does anybody know where to find linux drivers or how to get card to work under linux? or Does anybody know how I can rebuild the system with drivers for the card and software if I install windows on it. I do not have any of the original cd's that came with the system and I have called DTT USA to request copies and they said they do not make that version anymore and they just tried to sell me something els. Please somebody help!!!