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  1. H3llT0uCh

    CCTV + TV + DoorBell

    So i use a simple universial remote control do that? Or for exemple. i have an USB IR Reciver/sender, is any way to putting it doing that? without connect it to computer? something like this: xD
  2. H3llT0uCh

    CCTV + TV + DoorBell

    That is what i do now. I have an old VCR as modulator to RF, and i change the channel. Well the principal TV i know that do the switch, so there is no problem. About the programmable IR control, where can i get one. how it works? i'm sorry but i'm a litle noob here xD
  3. Hi all.. I have one CCTV camera. I was thinking in some automated control so if someones rings the bell the channel on my tv changes for there. But i have a paid tv service with their own Set-Top-Box. Maybe the best solution is to conect it by SCART port on TV? so when someone rings, she go for the channel. But i also want that the camera stay allways conected. So some kind of hack to SCART cable? maybe using the Pin 8 Status & Aspect Ratio up3) * 0–0.4V → off * 5–8V → 16:9 * 9.5–12V → on/4:3 Or is any equipment for that?
  4. H3llT0uCh

    CCTV and Internet(ADSL) Problems

    Sorry that i dind't explain that. The TV works by the internet, it's a 3 Play Service(TV + Internet + Phone, MEO service from Portugal) over ADSL Line. I will try to change the power supply of the camera, then i say something. Thanks for advices. -EDIT- I found the problem thanks to you. I change the power supply for other, i go check the original power suply and i saw that was 12V 1A, so i go around the house looking for one equal, but I only found a 12V 1,2A.. Well, I think, it's a litle stronger but if I connect it only a minute or two there is no problem, so I tried it and the SNR levels didn't decreased The problem really was the piece of **** power supply that came with the camera.. damm chinese guys... lool Thanks once again for the advice. Regards.
  5. H3llT0uCh

    CCTV and Internet(ADSL) Problems

    Yes. it comes back everytime, if i don't power off the camera the DSL comes back online, but in a few seconds it goes down again. I never tried that of flashlight. for exemple, with the camera power off, In the values of router, the SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio) is at 10 dB, if i turn on the camera power the SNR goes down to 7.5/8 what causes the DSL line to go down. :S I must say that the camera is connect to a tv, that is conect to normal RF television signal. If I disconnect the RF cable of the tv, it still decrease the SNR but only about 1 dB. I also tried to conect the camera to a VCR and then conect the VCR to RF signal of the house, so i can see the CCTV channel all over the house, and it do the same thing. I don't know if have anything related, but i'm using a normal cable, to connect the camera, and it's about 30 meters long.
  6. Hi all.. I have a analog CCTV camera with infrared, conected to a tv by RCA cable(Audio and Video) and I have a problem. When it starts to be dark, the infrared start working, and at that time my ADSL line is allways going down. I can't have the camera and the Internet conection working at the same time. Anyone know why it does that? Regards.