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    Question about IP camera recording

    " title="Applause" /> Went beyond asking for a little help...
  2. I personally use the BlackVue 1080P. It works good for what I need; not the cheapest, but the picture is HD and its WIFI so I can see it on my phone. Also, it is small enough that I can hide it behind my rear-view mirror. They have newer models, but mine is the "Pittasoft BlackVue DR500GW-HD WiFi 1080P Dash Car Camera w/ GPS" http://www.blackvue.com/en/main/main.asp
  3. I am done with all the box store motion lights, they are too unreliable! The absolute best motion sensor or motion/light combo I have found is RAB Lighting. http://www.rabweb.com/majorGroups.php?pg=OUTSENSORS I finally bit the bullet and bought the super stealth 360 degree sensor package and couldn't be happier. I still have 3 of their other models on the other side of the house that work great also, just less coverage; 180 degree lens. Never false alarms and they seem to hold up, the original one i bought is still up and works. They also sell just the sensors; I have a Home Depot motion light that the sensor sucked, but the lights were still good. I bought a RAB sensor and installed it in place of the original motion sensor. They usually sell through a distributor, but you can get them on ebay or amazon. If you want any zenith motion lights from home depot I have a box in the garage full of them I will sell ya.
  4. Long time no update! I finally got everything re-installed (I moved and am just getting things back to normal). I tried the remote control (actual hand held remote, thanks to earlier comments my PSS remote software problem was fixed) and it didnt work as before. I shot it at my camera and could see that it was trasmitting, but no joy at the DRV. I will try the trick of making the DVR ID a number and ad it. I couldnt remember the steps last night and was just hoping the batteries were dead or something as easy. If memory serves I changed the DVR name for some reason when I originally set it up.
  5. I got most of my analogs up and after a few more detials will be done until I move again (I move every few years for work). I guess I am like a lot of people, back to waiting on prices and technology to stabilize. I see Sams has some QSEE IP cameras on sale with an NVR for just under $800. Wouldnt be a bad place for someone to start playing with IP... Kawboy12R -thanks for your input, all was helpful.
  6. I like being able to remote in from work and be able to check things on my phone so either a dedicated NVR or PC is a must for me. I enjoy that same freedom now that you mention. I have remote software on all my laptops, her ipad, phone etc... If the monitor is off or not in view, one quick push on the ipad or cell phone brings up the cameras. I actaully have an HDMI spiltter coming off my DVR and have monitors throughout the house. SO, I can either see one of these or remote in from my laptop; good thing is I can change settings from anywhere in the house (from the laptop). I rarely/never physically go to the DVR anymore excpet to change the camera monitor view. Sometimes I want to see just 1 or 4 instead of my scrolling tour I normally leave it on. (I should get the dvr remote to work and put in on RF someday) Now if I had just one IP camera I could put it on my network and hit if from anywhere (dns account), but with more than one I assume you have to have PC or NVR running and use that software to see the cameras (since there are multiple IP's). PC card or dedicated NVR is a whole nother discussion I know. Do you have any cameras that are "zoomed out" that you then zoom in on; if so how is the resoultion - better than D1? I am also interested in the solidPTZ funciton that some IP cams have. What I understand is you can zoom in and move around a large FOV. My questions is, how good is the picture once zoomed in? I can of course digitally zoom into any of my non PTZ cameras on my DVR but the picture is horrible. Just wonder how good that looks on a IP cam...
  7. Agreed, the camera to NVR compatability still seems to be a problem with IP. I hope as things move forward the compatability is backward complient with what is out there. I guess my problem with just trying 1 IP cam to test the water is I use a standalone DVR so I dont have any way to record or really utilize it fully. My thought is I could cover what I need with 4 nice megapixel cameras, but I wonder if I zoom out how much detail I will have. (not an issue with the PTZ since it can zoom). I havent gotten to play with a good IP camera so its hard to tell. Maybe a hybrid NVR/DVR makes more sense. Of course that just leaves me with one more analog piece of equipment. haha
  8. I have a 500 series Bosch VG4. Here is a link http://www.boschsecurity.us/en-us/ProductInformation/Cameras/VG45xx/ For me in this house the wire is fairly easy (I can stand up in the attic), its mounting that isnt any fun due to the vinyl eave. I agree, I will run cat5 and also probably coax that I already have. BUT, depending on what I put up the locations may change a little. Especially true with the PTZ.
  9. Not sure this is in the right spot, MODS please move it if there is a better place. I just moved into a new house, starting planning where to put my current equipment and now am thinking about starting all over… I would love some ideas and input. The real reason this came about is that when I got ready to mount my PTZ camera it stuck out like a sore thumb and may be too much for my upscale neighborhood. I don’t think I am going to use it, and now that leaves me wanting something different. This is for a residential site; monitoring the driveway, street, front/back doors, back yard, and one covert indoors. What I have now: I have a great Bosch VG4 PTZ camera with auto tracking. I have been very happy with it, and the tracking has worked great for me. BUT, it is huge once you figure in the mounts. I also have the usual collection of domes and bullets; they are all high quality good cameras (probably over a dozen, obviously they aren’t all used). Dahua 8 channel Apollo DVR D1 with HDMI output. What I am thinking/need. I still want at least 1 maybe 2 PTZ camera, but would like something smaller like a mini dome that I can put under an eave. Are there any with auto tracking and if so are they any good? Are high megapixel cameras that great that I wouldn’t need or want a PTZ camera? If I didn’t have my Bosch PTZ I would probably already be in the IP world, but until now I haven’t been willing to scrap everything I have. Input please! What domes should I look at; any input from those that have gone the IP route?
  10. It took forever to figure out what you meant on the admin, but that did the trick. The profile on the DVR was not set up as admin for non local. Thanks, got it working now! Now if I can just get the DVR remote to work... haha
  11. I checked and the PTZ console is not up on the DVR. Made sense, but still have the same problem.
  12. I recently bought one of the raved about Qvis Apollo (Dahua) DVR's. I am unable to work my PTZ camera with the PSS software or using the web interface; in other words unless I am sitting at the DVR its s stationary cam. I am using PelcoD protocol (with a Bosch G4), but did play with a few and had no luck. It works fine at the DVR so its not the basic camera settings or the DVR settings. Anyone else have any problems with PTZ controls like this? Maybe a simple fix I am not aware of?? Thanks for the help.
  13. Any experience with IR domes and spiders? As with everyone I have problems with spiders on my IR bullet cameras. I searched and found lots of topics on spiders and bullets, but nothing specifically about domes. I am to the point of making the trek to a difficult to reach spot and had to ask - does anyone have problems with IR domes and spiders? It seems to me that it would be difficult to build a web across a curved dome. I know a great option is to separate the IR from the camera, but discretion is key to this application and this is my second choice. I also know that if not sealed well then they will build inside regardless of the cam, but my problem is outside the housing. It is in a location that cleaning or spraying spider deterrent every month is not an option. Thanks for your help!
  14. Any idea what the dip switches mean?? I have an older G3 (LTC 0828/20) that has 8 switches and I cant find anything that shows what they mean. I am having trouble setting it up and getting it going.