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  1. Angus

    Verint Encoders?

    Was probably looking at the 241Q as it would be supported by Control4. That one would run about 100ish per channel used.. the verint based on 12 channels would only be ~20ish per channel.. So there would be a massive difference, i could not integrate it with control4, but at that price it would be worth it and he would have more channels available.. Other question i guess in Milestone, do you need 12 liscenses to add the encoder? Or will it only let you youse say 4 cameras with 4 liscenses. I know Genetec automatically pulls 4 liscenses for a quad encoder. Thanks
  2. Angus

    Verint Encoders?

    Hello, i was wondering if anyone has expereince with Verint Encoders, specifically a S1712E. They appear to be alot cheaper then axis encoders.. IE 241Q and i get well 12 channels instead of 4. It would be used with a milestone system and it is on their compatability list. I guess im just wondering why they seem so cheap compared to Axis. Thank you!
  3. Angus

    Bosch PTZ Question

    Excellent, thank you.. then if i get it at least i should be able to make things work. The cable is already run, i ran 59 siamese which is solid copper, and cat 5e, so i can use the coax for now, and the cat 5 for control. And then if i ever strike it rich i can upgrade to an IP cam
  4. Angus

    Bosch PTZ Question

    I do have a Bosch DiBos DVR, so i know it does bilinx, so that should work, I also have an axis encoder, that should be able to rs485 with Pelco protocol. As for the mount, is it needed per say? Or is it something that could be fabbed together.. my wife is an engineer in a machine shop so i can get things fabbed together if need be.
  5. Angus

    Bosch PTZ Question

    So.. we recently got a puppy.. and seeing as our backyard has a bend in it.. i was figuring a PTZ would be a good way to make sure things are going good for him. I found this on ebay a Bosch 0948... Anyone have any opinion's on it? It looks cheap enough and i think i could get a corner mount fabbed up without to many issues... Has anyone used these before or have any opinions on how they would be for casual home use? Thanks link for reference http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bosch-LTC-0948-25C-EnviroDome-System-ENV-Camera-Module-26x-Optical-Zoom-/330879486498?pt=BI_Security_Fire_Protection&hash=item4d09f44a22&ssPageName=RSS:B:STORE:US:101#ht_1714wt_1161
  6. Hello just wondering if how had any still's from these or any experience with them? How many megapixels does the 720p or 1080p convert to anyone know? Thanks!
  7. Hello I have a question im hoping someone can help with. I have a 4 channel symsafe, that will not record. It will show live fine, reboot etc.. i did a firmware upgrade, reset to factory defaults, swapped in a new HD, basically tried everything but when i goto reply it won't go backwards. I can move the scroll wheel and move to 2x 16x or whatever or move the little wheel but neither the time nor the picture changes.. Anyone have any other ideas for what i can try/do? Or is it somehow toast? Just doesn't make sense to me how everything looks good yet it won't record... Thanks!
  8. Angus

    Dome v housed?

    Personally i just dont think i could put a "sunkwang" on my house..
  9. Angus

    CCTV for convenience stores

    This may not help.. but just curious.. why do you need to be able to read the label on products? I'm sure it can be done.. with some nice megapixel camera's.. but it seems like a waste to me
  10. The blade server more then likely won't do you any good.. as its most likely a blade meant to go into a blade server which is in essence a rackmout high density chassis... so basically its useless without the chassis.. As for the 2401 i beleive that was an older model before the 241s from what i saw.. im not an expert but depending on your application it might work fine if the price is right... I'm not sure what the difference between the 241 and the 2401 is.. hope that helps at least abit
  11. Angus

    Wanted: suggestions on security camera

    I don't know how exactly to define "really clear" night images, but i've had good luck with Bosch 498's or 495 true day nights.. but im not even useing extra IR illumintaion, just basically street lighting... They however are not bargain basement cams... but the results are impressive..
  12. Do you know any cable techs? Or try calling cable co and ask if they have any empty channels.. im sure there are some.. here 117 is typically used for cams and it kept open for that reason. More then likely a higher channel should work.. Evan if they go all digital, you can still modulate your cams onto an analog channel, but the box from the cable co won't see it.. you would need to put a splitter before the box, and hookup the box with RCA's or hdmi or whatever and then just run coax straight to the tv for just your security channel.. Hope that makes sense.. if not let me know..
  13. Please keep us updated as to how it goes... I have one i am thinking of upgrading as well
  14. Angus

    What Box cameras are you using?

    Bosch 495/498's are TDN's that are nice.. but not to cheap either...