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  1. longwalk

    Basic Home System

    Just spoke to someone in CCTV game and they recommended the following: CCTV CAMERA http://www.flyonthewall.uk.com/wireless-camera-with-night-vision-58-ghz-p-347.html PC CARD http://www.flyonthewall.uk.com/geovision-600-pci-card-and-software-p-144.html All in all this package would cost me £250.00, compared to the maplin package which would cost of me £160.00. Even though its around £90 more Ive been told by the fella from CCTV that its top?
  2. longwalk

    Basic Home System

    Hi Thanks for your replies guys, The lighting outside the house is okay, nothing great as some of the street lamps are not within a distance which produce enough light. The angle of 40 degrees is enough, as its a terraced house. My friend has also used this camera from maplin and says its fine its 5.8ghz not a 2.8ghz one? TOM CCTV - the product you outlined is pretty sweet, however I wanted to be able to monitor the camera real time Im also concerned with people tampering with the buttons on the light, as the camera will be mounted high up. Any other viable alternatives?
  3. Hi Gents/Ladies, Hope all is well, Im a complete novice when it comes to CCTV only very basic understanding so please bear with me. Im looking for a cctv camera to monitor the outside of my house which is very small being from inner city London areas , in addition to this as many of you will know crime is high. I basically staying to wireless to avoid channeling cabling etc, I would also like to view the footage on my computer, the distance between the camera and pc is minimal. After visiting all the local DIY shops, it seems that maplin have an ideal solution, price wise aswell. CCTV Camera: http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?moduleno=351514 Module Card for PC: http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=46113 All in all this will cost around £160, exclude any fixtures and fitting, I have a few questions: 1) In terms of quality at night, how good will this system be? 2) Can I watch real time through my pc and record? 3) Will my pc have to be on at night if recording? Please offer me your expert opinions. Regards