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  1. vvrt

    CCTV Survey

    Hi, Thank you ilk I have it downloaded and reading it I will be able to use some points from it. A
  2. vvrt

    CCTV Survey

    Hi Thanks Tomcctv, yes there will a fee imposed by the gov soon , there are drawing up papers now. No I plan to give good equipment to the owner I just want to cover my costs of installing the system not looking to for a mark up on equipment, I am hoping that with a good system installed the owner will bw impressed with it and pass on the word to other bussiness. Word of mouth is the best form of ads. aiden
  3. vvrt

    CCTV Survey

    Thanks Guys, two very helpful comments, will take all points on board, Would it be a good idea to take a camera with a test monitor to show the owner fields of view?? and /or the difference between a cheap and meduim cost camera? Because I am from a retail background and that I have experenced shoplifters and staff taking stock and money I think will be a great advantage to this surrvey. Will keep you updated when I have the survey done. thanks again aiden
  4. I am looking for advise, How do I do a CCTV Survey for installing a CCTV system in a samll food shop, What points should be looking for. I am new to installing CCTV for other shops for a fee. I have installed CCTV for my shops and I am interested in CCTV and Alarms Systems having installed a few for myself and my family, But the way thing are I am having to close my two shops and I am looking to start in this line of work, Before I can fit an Alarm system I have to be registered here In Ireland but takes arount 2500.00 euros to register, I do not have to register for CCTV but I want to do a good job, and register later for the Alarm systems. I have a shop owner looking to install a CCTV system in his shop and he wants me to do a survey for him, So again how do I compleat a Survey for CCTV for a small busines? any advise would be good, Thanks