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  1. ruirego

    Averdigi i-phoneviewer app.

    it looks nice but 60€ Rui Rego
  2. Hello, Does anyone knows what is the ip of the cameras installed in the DVR. Te idea is to access directly to the camera, instead of accessing all the cameras trough the software. I have already did it whit analog cameras connected to axis video server, and eneo cctv cameras Rui Rego
  3. ruirego

    Averdigi i-phoneviewer app.

    Thanks, it's working. it was a network configuration of the DVR. The app works fine, but is very limited. There are some functions that already are available for Windows Mobile that should exist like: See recorded videos; Quad View; Full Screen; Access multiple recorders; Store settings… I looking forward for an update. Rui Rego
  4. ruirego

    Averdigi i-phoneviewer app.

    I've already installed the app in my iPhone, after introdutin the IP, I have the following error:"Starting network failed". Rui
  5. ruirego

    Averdigi i-phoneviewer app.

    Hello, Where can i fing Handy Viewer? I can't find it on iPhone network configurations... Thanks, Rui Rego