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  1. Hi, I am installing a Hikvision DS-7316HQHI-SH Hybrid DVR and 16 TVI cameras at a library. No other cameras will be installed. The DVR will be connected to the libraries LAN for the purpose of supplying video to four iVMS-4200 clients set up on four PCs within the confines of the library. Their LAN does have a path to the internet. The only external network access required for the DVR will be for a time server to maintain time sync. As remote viewing will not be required, I want to secure the DVR against external access. My question is how to best configure the network settings of the DVR to achieve this. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Joe
  2. Hi, I'm looking for an RG59 Siamese cable that is suitable for underground installation in conduit. I spoke with a rep at Belden about their 549945 cable but did not get a clear cut answer. I'm wondering if anyone in the forum has used the 549945 in this type of application and would appreciate feedback. I'm going to install four HD-TVI cameras with four 400 foot runs. about 150 feet of that is underground inside conduit which could be a wet location. Any input appreciated, Thanks, Joe
  3. joec999

    Standalone NVRs

    Thanks for the reply buellwinkle. The customer simply wants to be able to review video after a drive off and hand over the video clip to police. No OCR necessary. For the most part, there will be no operator to interact with the system unless video needs to be reviewed. I anticipate no more than twelve cameras in the system with maybe six of those cameras monitoring/recording eleven fueling lanes (one camera per two side by side lanes) day and night with supplemental IR illumination and the other six cameras for indoor monitoring/recording. If we can mount cameras on the fascia of the front of the building the distance from the cameras to the pumps are about eighty feet. If that's not workable then it may be required to put the cameras at the roof peak which adds about another 35 feet or about 115 feet from camera to pump. I'm currently talking to ACTi about their KCM-5611 outdoor 2MP cam and their ENR-2000 sixteen channel NVR. Some of the limitations of this NVR is that it only supports H264 and a maximum recording throughput of 48 mbps. I've read in other forums that MJpeg is preferred for license plate capture so I don't know if this will be an issue. Your thoughts appreciated. Joe
  4. Hi, I'm new to the whole IP camera/NVR scene. I've installed many analog CCTV systems in the past and am considering installing a new mixed system of 12 to 14 cameras including megapixel and standard def IP cameras as well as a standalone, dedicated, hardware NVR for use in a commercial installation. There is no requirement for remote viewing or internet access as the monitoring and reviewing of video will be entirely on site. Day/Night license plate capture for vehicles at a standstill or low rates of speed is a primary requirement. Here are some of the things I'd like members to weigh in on: 1. Opinions or experiences with various manufacturers hardware NVRs that support anywhere from twelve to sixty-four camera systems in a mixed megapixel/SD camera system. 2. Opinions or experiences on various brands and models of IP megapixel cameras and preferred video formats (H264, Mjpeg, etc) for license plate capture. As i said, I'm quite new to IP surveillance systems and may not even be using the terminology correctly, so please feel free to correct me. Thanks, Joe
  5. joec999

    Night time license plate recognition

    This is not a reply to anyone, but more about a product that I spotted awhile back - Messoa SCB265iHN5 INTELLIGENT LICENSE PLATE CAPTURE CAMERA 540TVL, ICR DAY/NIGHT, OSD. The camera has traffic settings which I would assume gives it some kind of shutter priority. I spoke to Messoa and they didn't recommend it for night time use, but I wondered afterward if it could do the trick with a good IR source. I didn't bother calling Messoa back about this question as they were pretty adamant about steering me toward a higher end product. Has anyone had any experience with this product? Just throwing this out there for thought. Joe
  6. Hi, I'm new to the forum and have installed many indoor CCTV systems over the years. Recently, I was presented with a new challenge - outdoor license plate capture at a gas station. I installed an Everfocus EQ550T day/night camera with a fujinon 5-50mm day/night varifocal, DC auto iris lens. The recorder is an Everfocus EDR-1620 DVR set up to record at 720x480 and record quality for the camera is set to superior. The pumps are about 70 feet from the camera and the lens is zoomed all the way out. Daytime performance is good, and plates can be read if vehicles are at a standstill. My problem is two-fold... First is the field of view. For the amount of zoom required to get a decent plate capture, the field of view is only good for vehicles that pull up with the nose of the vehicle pointed away from the camera (due to the position of the vehicle relative to the pump), I thought that perhaps I could capture the vehicles as they pulled up when coming from the opposite direction but I found the capture not always to be clear and reliable. The camera won't allow me to set a manual shutter speed with an auto iris lens attached and stays fixed at 1/60 sec. Would installing a manual iris lens and using electronic shutter control improve the capture in this situation? I haven't tried this and would like to get some input. Second issue - night time performance. The pumps are overhead lit under a canopy and I find that vehicles with plates positioned close to the ground are shadowed by the overhead lights to the point that they are difficult to read. I suppose part of the issue may have to do with MPEG4 compression of the recorder as they appear more blocky or pixelated in low light areas of a scene when played back. I've turned on backlight compensation and disabled DNR and readability seems to be better but still not completely reliable. The camera has a IR cut removal feature and I've been considering fitting a manual iris, 50mm lens with an IR pass filter to block out visible light and illuminate the vehicles license plate area with a IR illuminator for night time capture, and also using electronic shutter control to get better moving vehicle capture. So, after all this brain scheming doe's anyone think that any of the above ideas would actually work or do I cave and start looking for a license plate capture camera? If I have to consider a plate capture camera, can someone tell me if they are effective at capturing moving vehicles in the overhead lighting conditions mentioned earlier? Any input appreciated, Joe