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  1. Hello, Good day. I’m facing this unexpected problem with Xprotect. Xportect is requiring a lot of bandwidth than Axis camera station or live view via HTTP from axis camera it self. For example both Axis cameras station and HTTP requires 64kbps (2fps, h264, 30% compression) But Xprotect consumes 300kbps for the same settings. where is the problem? knowing that the settings are the same?! for milestone experts, what is the average bandwidth for 800x600, 2fps, 30% compression h264? Lets discuss this issue together
  2. These cameras are not POE, u have to use the power adapter
  3. firassh

    Do this exist?

    thank you guys i found good solution (video wall)
  4. firassh

    Do this exist?

    Hi I received this design from my customer. do this video matrix exist? its like IP input to VGA or AV output. Maybe it can be found, but do international manufacturers have it, like Axis. Thanks
  5. Hello, I'm analog CCTV engineer and I have a question. How to make video wall(10 monitors for example) from IP Surveillance system. In analog, the matrix can do it. but in case of IP all cameras will be recorded on the server, which can be connected to pc monitor. is there a way to view the live videos on several monitors? Thank you
  6. firassh

    Looking for Good CCTV

    I consisted CCTV company and looking for good brands but not expensive. I workek with AVtech, Enxun, HiSharp, Nouu and more but now I'm looking for other brands from Taiwan or Korea
  7. firassh

    Two CCTV Designs

    Hi I'm thinking of the two designs, the idea is being able to view single camera from any DVR or multiplexed picture from any DVR, of course with matrix the control would be more prof but its more expensive. (note that this matrix also does multiplex) Do you see mistake in these designs and there are better ideas?
  8. firassh

    Looking for Good CCTV

    there isn't from Taiwan? what range of price for good cameras?
  9. firassh

    Converting BNV to VGA?

    Make sure to choose good quality converter because conversion will definitely reduce the picture clearance
  10. Hi I'm looking for good cctv brand from Taiwan. with good quality and regular price like up to 100$/ dome or bullet cam. What do u advice me? What do u think of AV Tech and Giovision?
  11. Thanks for your helpful replies
  12. Hi I'm new here, I have excellent experience in analog CCTV, and good in IP I'm here to help when i can and get help when i need. Now i'm looking for a solution to view 1 IP camera via internet. as far as i know there ddns solution, also public ip solution, i see ddns is more complicated, what do u advice me to use, is there any less complex solution? thanks