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  1. Sophie A

    Fail to connect

    may be upload and download speed are the connection problem, but for the further you can contact technical support of Qsee product to find the best and appropriate solution for your problem.
  2. Sophie A

    Will a 1/2" CCD perform better than a 1/3"?

    yes,off course because the image sensor 1/2" is bigger than 1/3"
  3. the problem came from the client or wrong setting on a client network.
  4. Sophie A

    Looking for Good CCTV

    Geovision are IP camera
  5. what is the function of quad and multiplexer? and what's the function of VCR?
  6. I'd like to buy CCTV systems for monitoring my business, one of my friend recommended me Avtech brand for CCTV camera and DVR, is that brand have a good quality?
  7. Sophie A

    Quality of CCTV Camera?

    what are brand names that have best quality of CCTV camera? I just know several brand names like Avtech, Axis, Ademco Honeywell , and Bosch., but I don't know about quality of them. which is the best? and which is the brand name among them I have to choose? thank you for helping me.
  8. which is the higher price between B/W and color CCTV camera, with the note that both of them have same feature and the same brand name?