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  1. king-of-wit

    Deeplet DVR switching off

    I do not work for Deeplet. However, I have used their DVR for many large projects (up to 12 (16Channel)) DVR before. To be fair to Deeplet, I think this is an exceptional case. They are one of the best DVR manufacturer in Taiwan in term of quality and features. And many branded DVR are OEM or ODM from them.
  2. king-of-wit

    Help with remote viewing

    I am trying to think out of a box. May be you can try to use 3G mobile video call to another 3G Video call device. I found this mobile cam from telecom in my country http://m1.com.sg/M1/site/M1Corp/menuitem.e2f30a2a1a1860b609b422103f2000a0/?vgnextoid=19ccad86e16f1210VgnVCM100000695a230aRCRD&vgnextfmt=pdate:1003182343: However, the charges for airtime might be costly.
  3. king-of-wit

    Question about IP camera Trendnet

    I have not used Trendnet TV-IP301 before. After I went through the technical specification, it is based on MPEG4 Compression. Suggest you should look for H264 Compression IP Camera with 1 or 2 Megapixel. You can consider Pixord 606 or Pixord 600.
  4. king-of-wit

    5MP PTZ Camera

    I am only selling 2megapixel from Pixord Corp. However, I do know that http://www.arecontvision.com has 5 megapixel camera. I couldn't provide you have more detail information as I don't sell their product.
  5. king-of-wit

    help needed for home sys

    We used to sell PC based DVR with video capture card for many years. As Motherboard manufacture changes their design and built-in with new features, your existing video capture card might not be able to compatible with new motherboard. Therefore, you might spend time and effort to resolve those issue if incompatible issue arises.
  6. king-of-wit

    Does any body use J&S' ip plus ir camera

    I did use J&S analog camera before. It is very reliable. However, for IP Camera, probably you can consider 2Mega Pixel from Pixord Corporation.
  7. king-of-wit

    Is it possible?

    If you are using IP Camera or DVR with Analog Camera for several different sites, you require some knowledges of configuring the router for port forwarding at each location. It is best that you can look for plug and plug IP Camera / Network DVR, where they are using upnp feature to route video streaming through internet for remote access purpose.
  8. king-of-wit

    installation queries

    Are you using one power adapter for one camera? Or you are using one power adapter for many cameras? Normal dome camera require 12Vdc 110mA. Usually, 12Vdc 500mA power adapter is sufficient. For infrared camera, 12Vdc 1A power adapter is recommended. Measure the voltage and make sure that you still can get approximate 12Vdc at 60m point.
  9. king-of-wit

    iphone cctv help

    Firstly, you require to have a local static IP Address. Secondly, you need to forward the port to this local static IP Address. Thirdly, if network is dynamic IP, then you will have to configure DDNS service (registered with www.dyndns.org).