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  1. Sorry, could you tell me about DS2 model, it is a DVTU, DVTR, DVTX or DVM2IP? Regards, George
  2. DMInstaller, Could you give us a link to the "SATA - IDE adapters" to see the model?
  3. EVRIKA!!!!! "Serial Telemetry Type NONE" is caused by clone process. IF firmware is reapplied the issue is solved. Seams that some files attribute from c:\DVR or another place are changed by clone process (made by OS copy command). George " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" />
  4. Hi all, Grate forum… I’m new registered user, I’ tried to read all posts with DS2 to find something related to RS-232 connection or telnet connection, something that give me access to prompt c:\. Could someone help me to connect via RS or telnet to DS2 console? The model has only one serial port. I have a DS2 DX16C (DVTR) with an old very old version of software 3.0 (002), I think this is a factory one. I updated successfully to 3.1(90) build and 1 Tb (2x500Gb HDD). With this new build the DS2 didn’t see the RS-485 serial telemetry. The old HDD is fried, it is working yet but only in a very cold environment. Any HDD clone of original HDD put the Serial Telemetry Type in NONE in System Option without possibility to change. Did someone find this behavior? IMPORTANT!!!!! IN MY INVESTIGATION I FOUND SOMETHING VERY NICE: TELNET ON PORT 2123 RETURN debug INFO. Try it is free! I found here the boot sequence also Net test, RS-485 detection…….bla bla... I tested only on one DVTR and one DVTU