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  1. Good point.  Any other ones to look for?  I was thinking Blue Iris but I would guess it can't do AHD or TVI?  My house has a lot of coax and 12 volt run and IP is going to be a real pain to wire. I know wifi is an option, but the camera still needs power which is why i like the idea of the analog HD.

  2. I have a NV5000 Avermedia setup that is due to get updated, are they out of business or stopped making CCTV devices?

    Even if they are not supported will the NV card support TVI or AHD?  I have a second NV5000 card i could use, but am i just beating a dead horse since this is still on Windows XP.  The current setup is 3 analog cameras and one IP.  Thanks for the input.

  3. I uninstalled the software last night and had a hard time getting the PC to reboot and the software to open. It seems like I had to remove the card after powering down, restart with the card out, shut down, install the card, reboot and try opening the software. It ended up getting to late and i gave up for the night. The program flashed open for a second and then did an auto restart??? I gave up then.


    Any way to tell if this is the NV7000 vs the NV7000H? Nothing on the card itself like the NV5000 has.

  4. I picked up a NOS NV7000H....I think. There are no markings on the board, but looking at images on the net I'm pretty sure that is what this is. My system currently have a NV5000 running, can I just power down and swap out the two cards? Could I run both at the same time? The reason for the cheap purchase is that I did buy my first IP camera and I might put another analog one in the system which puts me at 5 and my card is only a 4 channel. This NV7000 should be a 8 channel with all of the compression done with the card and not the PC. Thanks for the help.



  5. No solution. I had to reinstall a few times and went back with a version older than the most current. If seemed to work after letting it be for a day or so. No idea why it happened and how it now works. I still get a ton of emails due to the shade or sun even after messing with the sensitivity.

  6. I was getting some blank emails and some random emails that did work on Friday with using input 4 rather than input 1 on the card. Over the weekend i switched it back and setup a new email notification for the input 1 again with no luck even today. I still get the email just no image attached. The two other cameras work fine via email and I can see all three on the DVR program so it's not like the card is messed up. This is odd.



  7. Would I be better off using the change or missing alarm rather than motion? All I'm really looking for is if a car pulls up or someone or creature would be walking around my house?


    I did add this feature for the one camera we had problems with and it seemed to have worked the one time this morning, but the motion one did not send an email.

  8. Hi. going from old to new will also need you to reset some settings. 1st alarms then 2nd you need to go into camera settings (under camera recording) and reset your motion


    But even before I do that shouldn't hitting the test account button send out an image and show me if it's working or not. This morning I swapped my camera 1 to the camera 4 input. I will see how this pans out during the coarse of today.

  9. No real luck with the reinstall and not importing the old settings. I was starting to get some images before the reinstall, but still not from camera one. I even switched the inputs around on the card with no luck, cameras seem fine. I wonder if it just pays to go back to my old version from the CD. Any ideas?


    BTW right now after messing with it for a few hours after the fresh install I get no images on the emails from all three cameras. I can watch them and look at the old recordings, which I have in the smart setting doing MPG3.

  10. hi. which aver do you have. with doing a software change you will need to setup alarms again. also which ports have you used.


    I have the NV5000 card with 3 cameras running. I backed up all of my settings and then imported them back in with no problems. I have even tried to enter new alarms in with no luck. This morning I did have a few images from 2 of the 3 camera, but my main front door one still will not show an image on the email. The email messages all come to me fine so I don't think it's a port issue. I think I have port 25 for all of them and this is used with my local ISP email, not gmail or some other type.

  11. I just updated to the latest version of the DVR software and had my three cameras setup to send an email out when a motion alarm went off. They would send 3 frames of the largest format prior to this update. It worked fine for 2 years. After the update I saw I had a new option of original size and tried that and now it won't send an image. I put it back to the prior setting with no luck. I have also tried setting up a new setting with no luck. The email comes fine but I have no image to look at. Any ideas???


    BTW this is with an NV5000 card with three analog cameras.

  12. aahhhh. Third party remote access may not allow you to see the cameras. Because they use their own overlay method, it may not send the overlay data fro AverMedia. Try this with AverMEdia's remote login. You should be able to see it then. Logme-in does not show you the camera images, for example. And a third party remote app is not really a way to remotely view you cameras efficiently.


    Actually they seemed to work fine after I made the one little update with Teamviewer and log me in, but I do understand what your saying about the overlay. My main problem was not from outside of my LAN it was using the PC's at home to view the DVR on my home LAN. I tried to start simple before I wanted web access to the DVR. The whole webviewer is another big issue, but that starts with the anal setup of my ISP.

  13. To help clear this up, the PC's are all local. I login through a third party remote access program when I'm not at home. Nothing to do with the DVR when I say "remote" only the PC side of things. So I control the PC like I'm sitting in front of it, not with the DVR programs.


    To sum things up I never did change any of the settings around last night. I closed out the DVR program and tried going into IE via the 5550 port. The active x program installed fine this time. Must have been an issue with the application being running. When that worked I went to another PC on my LAN. The same problem happened from the remote console icon, no video. I didn't see any setting to mess with but right clicked on the screen where the video should be playing. I noticed it had settings of high, normal, low and auto. The high one was checked and I went to normal and the video played fine. The low setting also worked but not auto or high. I wonder if this is a CPU or video card issue with the DVR PC. So in the end I did not see any problems with my network it must be a hardware issue not handling the FPS setting?


    Thanks for all of the help....I'm sure I will find another problem in the near future.

  14. This is all local PC's. I'm at work but can remote into the 2 PC's at home where I'm trying to get this to work and also the DVR PC that is at my house. My local ISP which is a DSL has some funky rules about opening ports so the only way I can view the DVR from the internet is through a remote access like Log Me In or Team Viewer.

  15. I can move the DVR PC over to the router, I just assumed pulling that out of the mix would give a direct connection between the PC's and remove one more source of the problem. I don't see an option for Handy Viewer with the remote console? The only disc I have is the install that came with the card.