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  1. drpete

    Can I re-arrange Camera order in LIVEVIEW

    Drag and Drop not working. in 8.3.3 you have a choice on the bottom of showing anywhere from 1 camera full screen all the way to 32 cams. I just need to know If I can rearrange the view to organize similar cameras. Or is this done thru spot monitor? I have to pull all wiring out and start re-arranging physically the wires. thanks for the help
  2. Hi Everyone, as the title states, can I re-arrange the order of the cameras as I see them live. I have 32 cameras, I am using the latest version of Geovision. The cameras are all working but they are in a scattered order on the screen, I would like to arrange all outside (ie pool) cameras in one section (ie camera # 1-4) and then all front door cameras to be #5-8 etc. Can this be done without disconnecting the physical wires and reconnecting to match the order I want. Thanks in advance, Peter