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  1. Hi Guys, Do any DVR systems have decent motion masking other than just a simple 1 block around the area you want to monitor? Looking to spend between £100 - £300. thanks, Dave
  2. Hi Guys, So, due to PC problems and the Avermedia cards only (on paper) supporting the older motherboard chipsets we want something more stable and less power hungry! We are thinking about getting rid of the 2 x 4 port BNC NV3000 DVR cards and moving on to a dedicated DVR system (as there is no need for a PC). I was just wondering what people would recommend, we have 8 x 700 / 540 TVL cameras, we only have 2 requirements really... 1. The ability to mask out selected areas for movement 2. Be able to stream the recorded files from the DVR unit to another computer for backup / reviewing purposes. I have had a look through this forum and see that Hikvision DVR come recommended? Would the DS-7208HVI-ST suit my requirements? Budget is approx £300. many thanks! Dave
  3. dave1814

    crosshatch line problem

    originally no we didnt connect the video signal line, should have read the manual properly!!! however now its connect we still have the same problem.
  4. dave1814

    crosshatch line problem

    Hi guys, We have a problem with our cctv system which has stumped us for quite some time now. Originally we had 4 cams connected using a AverMedia NV3000 card, we have decided we needed more cameras and got another NV3000 card which was installed in the PC. It seems now that if we have more than one card we get a crosshatch pattern forming on the cameras every few minutes or so, e.g... If we take out any one of the cards the problem does not occur again. Has anyone ever experienced this issue before? We have replaced all the connections to the card and also tried a new PC! Many thanks, Dave
  5. dave1814

    Just about to buy this camera - good deal?

    hehe cheers! are there any others you can recommend or is that about the best im going to get for that price?
  6. Hi all, im just about to buy this cctv camera from ebay, is it a good buy? Seems OK for the money? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=360202862319&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT thanks! Dave
  7. Hi Guys, ive looked for a post like this but can't find anything, so, just wondering what people thought was the best card out of the 2. Overall, based on the software AND hardware? Thanks! Dave
  8. dave1814

    Software Help!

    thanks! im glad you told me that! nearly got the wrong one! whats the general thoughts on the NV3000 vs the geovision 250?
  9. Hi there, im thinking about purchasing the AVerMedia NV3000 lite card, could anyone tell me if the software which comes with this card allows you to mask areas of movement (trees etc) and face detection? If not what about the geovision cards? Or would I have to buy this software separately? thanks! Dave
  10. dave1814

    Home Security System – Advice

    ah ok, thats pretty cool! i think im going to go for this camera... http://tinyurl.com/39vtf6j and maybe a Geovision GV-600. the server and the power junction box will be in the garage then an ethernet cable will be laid across the house to the office, into a switch, which can then be access via web management by another PC does this sound feasible? Is GB ethernet much better or 10/100 OK? thanks! Dave
  11. dave1814

    Home Security System – Advice

    thanks, but ive heard motion detection can cause a lot of false positives?
  12. dave1814

    Home Security System – Advice

    got ya! cheers. ive been reading a bit about PIR sensors, should I invest extra into these? The cameras will be placed near a security light anyway so if the infrared was OFF on the camera (is this possible?) then wouldnt the software just start recording when the security light turned on? sorry if im being dumb here!
  13. dave1814

    Home Security System – Advice

    thanks for that DKtucson v helpful! could you tell me how I would wire up the cameras for power? Would I need a junction box or something? thanks, Dave
  14. Hi Guys, Im new to all this CCTV stuff and I have been asked to install 4 external cameras at my parent’s house, their requirements are…. * 4 CCTV cameras to be placed externally around the house, each camera will be positioned next to a security light. * They would like recording on movement. * Each camera will have to view up to 20 meters max, * They have a PC which is always on in the ‘control room’, so ideally they would like to have a continuous picture on a separate monitor (I would just get an additional monitor and dual screen their PC?). * They have wireless internet throughout the house. * Ideally the less wires the better, as power can be taken from the security lights, but I’ve heard wireless systems are a bit rubbish? * A ‘nice to have’ feature would be streaming the images to the TV in a different room (wireless?). * They want to do it on a budget, ideally around £300 but it would be OK to add cameras as needed, starting off at just the one. I hope this is enough info for some suggestions? I have done some research, and ive heard AVerDiGi EB3004 NET is a pretty good DVR? I presume this would be next to the PC and connected to my router to which I could connect the PC to via IP address? As for cameras, im clueless, there seem to be so many out there, although ive heard the Sony and Sharp ones are the best? But do they have the best value for money? Not sure if I would need IR because of the security lights? Hopefully ive made sense! Many thanks in advance for any replies