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  1. gamba47

    Change Settings from DMMultiview

    Hi, this is a old thread. Today Geovision is an old software and DVRs/NVRs are a better solution. They don't have Windows operating system and are more stable (without blue screen of death, memory leaks, virus and all of this MS-Windows problems). Power consupsion is lower too. Best regards. gamba47
  2. Hi rory. Yes i try with this with no success. Were can i find on Geovision software the resolution D1 ?? Best regards
  3. Hi guys! Can you tell me what can i do to get a better quality with DmMultiview ? I have to see on another PC (near of a door) 3 cameras but the quality (as always) is diferent if you see this directly from the Server. I want get a full resolution and quality. there is not a problem with bandwithd because there is a 100mb network. There is any solution ? Best regards. gamba47
  4. Do you solve the webserver without activex ? gamba47
  5. The best way to solve your problem is reinstalling the OS. Then if it don´t work you may change your Card. Best regards. gamba47
  6. gamba47

    Stop record some cameras at any time

    Thanks for your sugestions i will try all of this at any time. At this moment i talk with the owner of the server about change the Pc for another brand new. I will post the results when i get that machine on my hands. Best regards. gamba47
  7. gamba47

    Stop record some cameras at any time

    It´s a old pc. celeron 2.66 480gb ram xp sp3 But this problem it´s new never happend before. gamba47
  8. gamba47

    GeoVision, cant setup audio

    There are two gain control. You have one on the Geovision software and another in the MIC. Some times (every time) it´s possible to get a really noise because the mics are very sensitive to the enviroment. Try with another mic but i never have a "ohh this mic really sound goods" surprise. post your results. best regards. gamba47
  9. Hi again to every one. I have a problem. There is a client who have a GV-800 with 12 cameras. He has 65.5gb for recording. For some reason all cameras stop recording some time but not all at the same time. It´s like a scheduled task but there is not a task. this happend at any time and can´t be determined. Any guess ? Best regards. gamba47
  10. gamba47

    tv out on geovision

    Looks good your idea, please can you explain a litle bit ? best regards. gamba47
  11. gamba47

    Change Settings from DMMultiview

    Hi again rory. Your solution did not work I try to find the "localhost" item but only i get the one created by me. I´m trying to find a solution. I will post any thing about this. Best regards. gamba47
  12. gamba47

    Change Settings from DMMultiview

    Ok. I will try and post the results ! Thanks. gamba47
  13. gamba47

    Change Settings from DMMultiview

    rory, i did not find the registry key wich change de default ip to conect. I find on the registry: \hkey_local_machine\software\geovision\multiview But only find keys about the diferents saved profiles. Best regards. gamba47
  14. gamba47

    Change Settings from DMMultiview

    Where is the line to edit ? Thanks!! gamba47
  15. gamba47

    Change Settings from DMMultiview

    Yes, but you have to reinstall using your web server and this take a lot of time desactivating active x and others things. Best regards. gamba47