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  1. I would also follow this route, However I don't have the time to run anymore cables through my house and making more holes. We just recently renovated, So everything is almost brand new. I should have probably ran the cables before, but the thought had not come to me. Thanks for your Help Eddie. How would I connect all the filters and modulators?
  2. Don't know nothing about the Verizon FIOS, but I suspect it "might" be similar to ATT's Uverse????? Anyone know for sure? With Uverse, all the lines, both coax and TP, are carrying Ethernet packets, not video. Programming enters the house at the Residential Gateway and is sent via TCP/IP to the set top boxes. The DVR is in the main box, and the other boxes get the DVR programs using a stream from the main box. If that is the case I doubt you can inject the RF into the system without causing problems and degradation to everything. http://www.uverseusers.com/index.php?option=com_openwiki&Itemid=36&id=faq You may be right, because I also have my internet with FiOS, and that goes through the Coax cable, into the router, and then is distributed through Internet to all the computers. However, back before the Digital TV change a year ago, I had 3 TVs that worked perfectly without any equipment. just plugged in the coax from the splitter, and these TVs to date are about 7 years old. Update: I tried what I intended to to using an old VCR as my modulator. So I took the Fios Coax cable, plugged it into a combiner, and I took my VCR, and pluged it into the other imput on the splitter, from the output, i plugged in my TV. Nothing showed up on MY Fios Set top box on the specific channel, however, It did show up on my TVs normal channel programming (without the set up box) This would work too, only my Fios picture was fuzzy, but that might have been the old combiner I used, along with the VCR. I'm still open to suggestions. A solution I see, is that if It works on normal channel 3, then instead of connecting my set top box to my TV, i could use a composite cable to my TV, and just change between that and channel 3.
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    CCTV + TV + DoorBell

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, But i just have to say that I would spy on you and ring your doorbell when your watching the climax of your favorite TV show.
  4. Hello. I need some help or advice on what I am planning to do. I have tries searching for a similar post somewhere but could not find anything, so I apologize in advance if this has already been posted. I would like to install 2-3 CCTV cameras around my house, which is not a problem since my father is an electrician and he does this every day. I would have the camera feed into a DVR somewhere into my basement with a dedicated monitor and everything, however I would like to take the output signal from the DVR and hook up up into my cable line, So that i can view the security feed from any TV in my house. So I did some research, and come to the conclusion that i need a TV modulator ( http://www.circuitblock.com/mod-1001d.html ) , which receives the signal from the DVR and modulates in to a coax signal. However, where do I plug the modulator into? Do I get a combiner ( http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103923 ) and just hook it up into my cable service? Or do I need some other type of Equipment. Now, I have Verizon Fios, which I am 99% Sure is digital, So I assume i need a Digital Modular as well? Will this even work before I go out and spend money? I have 6 TVs, 3 with Set Top Boxes, and the other 3 with converter boxes, but all TVs get the exact same channel lineup. If I turn to lets say Channel 65 on my set top box or converter box, will it display my feed, or do I need to turn my TV to channel 65? Note: I understand I need to set the modulator to a TV channel not being used, in my case, Channel 65 is not being used. If I try to go to Channel 65, It just brings me to channel 54. On the Converter Boxes, if i attempt to go to channel 65, it tells me "Channel 65 is not a valid channel." Well then, I hope I explained everything well enough and hope one of you experts can point me in the right direction Again, I don't need help setting up the camera or DVR, I just want to know how to input the feed from them into my cable lineup as a private channel in my home. Thank you in advance for all and any help, It is greatly appreciated Oh, and forgot to mention, will the feed go back into the Fios line, as in, will my neighbors see my camera feed?
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    Hello Everyone! Nice To meet you all!