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  1. Agreed, a lot less vendors, no downstairs this year.


    A lot of IP stuff.


    I thought the video wall was kinda of cool and cheesy at the same time.


    Language barrior in the foreign vendors. Although I saw a girl at the NUUO booth who spoke japanese, english and spanish...Pretty impressive!!


    Food was cheap at the buffets and booze was free at the vendor parties and while gambling!


    Noticed not as many product models this year. I guess budget cuts affected the eye candy too


    Overall a smaller show but a good one none the less! It's kinda hard to have a bad time in Vegas!!

  2. I've lived in Phoenix my whole life and I've seen my fair share of shotty installs. Exposed cameras in direct sun, enclosed cameras without a blower in direct sun etc. The cameras I've replace in those situation still worked, but had some image distortion and definately shortens the life of the camera. Most cameras are rated for 122 degrees (50 deg C) and you shouldn't have a problem if you use a blower or install under an eave out of direct sunlight. Anyone remember June 26, 1990 when it was 122 degrees?

  3. Go G-Men!!!! Arizona is a mad house, expecially scottsdale and phoenix. Too bad I didn't rent out my house. Homeowners are making some serious cash renting out their houses for the week. GO GIANTS!!

  4. I can't believe Surveillance isn't tied into the system. Who records it, the pits?


    Yes, they are just images, no video. A review is done by the pit boss faster than they could call up surveillance. This rarely happens.




    The table looks like craps or roulette, not BJ.


    Arizona is a little behind in indian gaming, as far as table games go our compact only allows blackjack and poker. No craps or roulette. Blackjack was just passed in 2002. here is a different picture to show how small the raised rail is.bjcam2.jpg


  5. What kind of table is that - blackjack?


    Yes, kinda hard to play poker when you can't hold the cards and their dealt face up


    How high is the rail from the table are those the lens in the pic. And do you have a cam for each chair?


    The rail is about 4 inches high. 1 camera for each chair. We didn't do the work ourselves, the cardroom subbed it out. I can find out more info if you want.


    How do you get the composite signal to the security center?


    It is not tied into the surveillance system, it is localized in the blackjack pits. They call surveillance for reviews of everything but the bet amounts, we can't see it from overhead.

  6. We have a raised rail and the cameras are located under the rail. Our compact does not allow players to hold or touch the cards, everything is dealt face up. After the bets are placed, and the players hands are clear the picture is taken. Drinks and ashtrays are not allowed on the felt, the rail has a built in chip holder and plenty of room for drinks and ashtrays. Objects blocking the view of the cameras are not an issue. We also have software that keeps track of who the player is, how much they bought in for, and bet average.


  7. I wonder if game table manufactures can put hidden cams along the interior edge looking towards the center of the table?

    We have that. There is a camera located under the rail at each seat. After the bets are placed and before the hand is dealt the dealer presses a button on the table taking a snapshot of the player's bet. If there is a payout discrepency, the pitboss can bring up the bet amount on an LCD screen from the pit. From the overhead table cameras it is nearly impossible to determine the bet amount. You can tell the chip's value (red, green, black) but you cannot tell how many are in the stack.

  8. Be careful running your own wires without permission. Most contractors won't let you do it unless it is agreed upon in your building contract. I've known people that have tried to "sneak in" wire runs; the inspector saw the wires and noticed they were not on the blueprints and had the wires torn out. Your out money, wire and time. Really pissed me off

  9. My boss wanted us to look into facial recognition as well. The only useful application in a casino environment would be the customer views at the cage windows. Then you run into your problems A. Most thieves wear pulled down baseball caps and sunglasses. B. Their head is on a swivel and they constantly look down; making it impossible to map their facial features. I agree with Survtech, the technology is a little ways off, and it is easy to defeat. I convinced my boss that facial recognition is not feasible for us at this time.