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  1. http://usrv.pp.ua/avigilon - here is web streaming example of using FullHD PTZ Avigilon camera installed on 20 level building. Please measure incoming video bitrate and post it below. Also look at PIP and audio possibilities. From my experience online streaming of just jpeg or without audio is useless wast of money at all. If you involved in streaming projects make it to be proud.
  2. Go to Tools> Preferences > Choose Show All settings left bottom corner > Choose Input/Codec > and scroll through Input/Codecs adjustments into botom (File caching, Live capture caching ...). And play with them)
  3. Hi, John! Do you have instrument to check who's post this info? Or who downloaded it from your web before posting? Just interesting.
  4. Pasha privet ! davno teby zdes ne bulo Да уж)
  5. What was that? Looks like Axis or Bosch or Panasonic etc. sales person lost big project to Avigilon ))))) Keep calm )))
  6. Just try to connect camera directly to your PC without any switch, Antivirus and windows FireWalls. If everything will be ok. Than you should look for problems with your IT infrastructure. But my sugestion is following - CHANGE thouse CISCO 25$ switches. They designed not for Video Streaming. And you will have such issue with any h264 camera with the same bitrate. I so such issues with Pelco, Bosch, GeoVision, Panasonic.... 95% of reasones is IT infra. Go to CCNA from Cisco, or go to the HP trainings prior installing such systems.
  7. Nice people with crap sollution. Strange....
  8. There is no magic. Be more presize ... what is the model of Cisco switch which you use and which FW. What I mean, that lable Cisco on switch doesn't mean that all switches from Cisco will cover Video Streaming applications. Also may pay attention to the temperature condition of environment where switch is located. But basically such type of image is package drop. You will never see such problem with JPEG2000 cameras. Cause with JPEG streaming when you have some connection/package drop issue you will noticed just some fps drop. And you for instance will see 13 fps of 20 fps which you adjust. In H264 which consist of I and P frames if I frame (this frame is reference to create full scene for further P frames) missed you will get such image as you have.
  9. pavel1883

    Opinion wanted.

    Cool Does VMD of cameras works via ONVIF? Which SW did you test?
  10. Hi, you choose not correct forum to look for help Cause your equipment is not HikVision or Dahua )))) The 99,9% users here are never use such Expensive equipment But the problem which might be are classic: 1) You have old DVR which last FW upgrade have dates June 2011. - more then 2 years old. Even if problem in DVR itself you will not be supported because your problem is so tiny for huge corporation. 2) Your problem example is one more proof towards using monobrand solution. You should next time choose DVR or NVR which have native remote application - not 3ed party. 3) Obviously Developer of mobile application Mobideos should connect to the system and fix/found the reason from their side - but if you tell that they cannot connect to your DVR - how you connect to it )
  11. My choice is Digifort =) It supports IP cameras multistreams in video recording on alarms!