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    not complete menu AVC717

    Same here,and MAC adres is ff:ff:ff:ff:ff .....
  2. According asmag.com "Security 50 ranking", it is ADT security at the moment. http://www.asmag.com/event/Security50_Ranking.aspx http://www.asmag.com/event/Security50_Ranking2009.aspx http://www.asmag.com/event/Security50_Ranking2008.aspx Hikvision has been climbing spots 13->12->10 these last 3 years and is the bigest manufacturer in China. It could have its own forum, and I hope it does sometime... The question was who is the largest DVR manufacturer in the world.Asmag is for any kind of security company.
  3. We communicate with the European support and never had a problem.We get respond by email in less than hour.
  4. Hikvision recently launched Android app.
  5. Actually iVMS-4000 can also record by installing the NVR service which is capable of recording up to 150 cameras!
  6. fatmacheto

    HIKVISION DVR - What model is this?

    I am not sure,the supplier in Bulgaria still import them.
  7. You may need to initialize it first trough the menu.
  8. Buy Hikvision,it have very nice and stable software for it`s money
  9. fatmacheto

    HIKVISION DVR - What model is this?

    This is DVR from DS-8000 series.It has really good streaming over LAN,and if you use it like server with the client software iVMS-4000 you will be very satisfied.It also work with iVMS-2000 hybrid NVR software which have really good possibilities.
  10. You can download them from www.hikvision-usa.com
  11. fatmacheto

    HIKVISION DVR + IOS4 + IVMS4500 anyone?

    It didn`t work for me.When I installed from itunes,the icon on the main screen that was created was just 1 solid color and the bar that normally shows the progress of the download didn`t show.Clicking that icon didn`t do anything.On OS 3 and windows mobile works perfectly especially the point to move function .
  12. fatmacheto

    avtech, combine 2 remote dvr into 1 monitor

    Don`t,the software and the quality is very poor.....
  13. fatmacheto

    IVMS 4000 so buggy?

    I`ve never experienced such an issue with the 20 dvr`s we have installed till now nor with the few capture cards.
  14. fatmacheto

    IVMS 4000 so buggy?

    Try the latest version from www.hikvision.com