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  1. controlfreak

    ssc14web sscdvr SAMS

    thanks fellers, like i say, the picture is acceptable when you show one camera at a time, just wish it would record like that. thanks anyway.
  2. controlfreak

    ssc14web sscdvr SAMS

    I wouldn't really call it a mistake. It has been recording most of the summer now. I caught the assesor measuring the house, and a maintenance guy "watering the lawn" . It has not given me any problems. As for the internet, not really a big concern of mine. I just wish it came with the pir sensors is all, that and the outgoing signal seems to be in quad mode only, which makes the details kind of small.
  3. controlfreak

    ssc14web sscdvr SAMS

    I have the Samsung ssc14web and sscdvr from sams. Anybody know about this thing? Can't seem to find any good information. The monitor can display 8 cameras 4 at a time. It will also show one camera at a time in sequence mode. I cant record in sequence mode, seems like the monitor only sends the quad picture out to the dvr. Really want to record in sequence mode because the picture is bigger and has more detail. thanks