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  1. Hi Dennis, Thanks for the reply. Yes already tried this No change.. Rick
  2. Hello, Have a 4 channel DVR wich we have installed in more situations. Have several analog 600 tvl cameras which also have installed more.. Now the problem. The pictures are very good at daytime. No problem at all. But when it gets darker the IR lights switch on , the pictures are slowly going from full color to nightvision Black and White Than it happens .. pictures are no longe visible. Just blurry and black and white? Problem is not all cameras are doing this? But all cameras that are mounted are the same? When daylight is coming again all is ok.?? Strange thing is on my tester all is ok? System is build with UTP cable max lenghts 25 - 35 meters with Video balun Video power is 12 volt constant Video level was however 1.3 volts What we tryed so far: Change the baluns : no effect Brought the video level/amplitude back to 500 mV ( on my tester picture still all ok) No effect Power measured 12 volts ok amps is also ok So if there is anybody who knows this problem and maybe has some tip how to deal with this.. Thanks!\ Greetings from The Netherlands Rick
  3. fullhouse

    Indoor LED and white balance

    Thanks for the fast reply... Will try to get some pics, but I already tried everything (I think) ps. When I try these cameras in our workshop or anywhere else, all is ok? Regards Rick
  4. Hello, Am reading a lot here and learning but cannot find an answer on this one.. I have some CCTV cameras installed in a jewelry shop, but I cannot get the white balance and or colors right? Cameras: - Pal - 1/3" Exview HAD CCD II Chip - (DSP) Effio-E - 700 TVL B/W 650 TVL color - Pics 976 x 582 Pixel - Auto-Electronic-Shutter (AES) 1/50s ~ 1/110.000s - On Screen Display (OSD) - 2D-NR In this shop there are several LED (2700K 7 and 10 watt) and halogen lamps present. I have tried several different settings of the white balance but no succes. The problem I have is the black turns to blue and gray? Also differences in black fabrick? So polyester is gray and wol is somewhat blue/black.. Is this the lights or the camera? I now installed simple 420TVL automatic white balance cameras and color is ok but I miss the sharpness of the other cameras.. Looking forward to a reply! Greetings from Holland Rick
  5. fullhouse

    DVR with external recording

    Thanks all for the answers!! But I just need remote recording. It seems the AVtech DVRs are capable? Does someone have a manual or so? Greetz Rick
  6. fullhouse

    DVR with external recording

    Thats fast!! thanks.. However, I want to work with a standalone DVR not a PC.. thanks again Rick
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    hello and first post

    Good morning from The netherlands.. Nice forum!! Good to see colleagues helping each other!! Hope tocontribute in the future.. regards Rick
  8. Good morning from The netherlands.. just subscribed to this forum. Read a lot and it is really nice to see there are colleagues helping each other! My question please.. Is there a unit or a solution with a DVR to record CCTV cameras on an external HDD? I will eplain.. I seek a DVR with a small build in HDD but it needs to record on an external HDD about 5 to 10 meters away from the unit. maybe over a network (not internet) or with a NAS.. This way when a burglar takes away the DVR the pictures are save. Looking forward to any reply or tip.. Greetings from The netherlands