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  1. Take a look at this thread with photo. Any ideas are appreciated http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=24233&p=146517#p146517
  2. Hello? Anyone have a suggestion or idea? Acti tech support confirmed the camera is a CS mount. Interestingly. When I called the Computar distributor they asked for photo's of the lens (showing two sets of threads, silver & black). The info received back was an incorrect spacer was on the lens i received. They sent out second one ASAP. I received the new lens today and it is the same config. I'm being told the silver piece/spacer "should" come off (counterclockwise thread) but I haven't been able to get it loose and don't want to break it. There are three philips screws at this end, anyone know if they need to come out? So much for standards. HELP!! Thanks Brad
  3. The Computar T3Z3510 CS-IR lens I have is definitely a CS type, but its threads are too short to reach the threads on the Acti ACM-4200 after stock lens is removed. Any Ideas on what I am doing wrong? Others on the forum have posted success with this combo and say the ACM-4200 uses CS lens type. Thanks.
  4. I must be missing something. The Computar T3Z3510 CS-IR lens I have is definitely a CS type, but its threads are too short to reach the threads on the Acti ACM-4200 after stock lens is removed. Any Ideas on what I am doing wrong?
  5. Is the ACM-4200 a CS type lens? Based on the forum feedback (inc. post above from hardwired), I purchased the Computar T3Z3510, a 3.5-10MM, F 1.0 lens. However, it is too short to thread onto the acm-4200. As a Noob, perhaps I am missing something? is there an adapter/extention needed or am i doing something wrong?
  6. britchie911

    RAID & AMD- HW relative effect-(CPU,GPU,RAM,Chipset,etc)

    Based on the excellent advice received from THIS FORUM, i set up a NV6480 under Win7x64 OS (RAID-0 - two Velociraptors 150) DVR Recordings are on separate volume in RAID-0 also (two WD Black 320GB 2.5"). Controller is a Areca-1210. (all drivers are older so TLER could/is enabled) Also using AMD CPU for first time (with NV 7.7.055). AthlonIIx4-630 on a Gigabyte 890GPA MB 6GB RAM. ATI Radeon HD 4550 video 512MB ram. So far so good. Would not have tried without dedicated HW RAID controller (Arc-1210 w. Intel IOP 334 w/256MB DDR on controller). No use wasting Horsepower & electric of an i7 if the software can't use the extra cores (virtual = HT).
  7. britchie911

    RAID & AMD- HW relative effect-(CPU,GPU,RAM,Chipset,etc)

    Matt Omnigeek... Thank you! You provide some excellent insights.... Interesting points about cpu hyper-threading (HT) & multi-cores). Leads me to wonder following..... ----Does Avermedia NV 7.x software recommend hyper-threading (HT) be disabled ? ----If the Avermedia software SW does not use HT, why would they would specify "i7" req. for max FPS in there literature?
  8. In building a PC for a Avermedia 6000 series card (or any Avermedia DVR card) what components most impact FPS? Image Quality? (assuming image quality is derived from more than just the DVR card itself)? How would you rank the following in terms of importance (ranked 1- 5, use X to indicate no bearing on FPS or image): 1) CPU 1a) Clock Speed 2) CPU Cores & Hyperthreading (assuming software is multi-threaded.) 2) GPU 3a) GPU Class (Ati HD4000, HD5000, HD6000 etc) 3b) GPU Ram size and/or speed 3) Chipset (i.e x58) 4a) Southbridge (PCI bus speed) 4) RAM 5A) Amount (more than 4GB?) 5B) Speed 5) HDD 5A) 7200 RPM 5B) RAID-0
  9. New/related questions/info... 1a) Besides New cameras how(if) can I eliminate the problem of IR Halo? 2a) Except for the CNBs...All of the cams are IR. I was considering purchasing these cams parts for an affordable upgrade. Anyone have experience with SONY 3172DSP digital +639 design?? http://www.securitycamera2000.com/products/540TVL-Double-Plate-1%7B47%7D3-SONY-CCD-Module-Board,-MTV-lens-0.01Lux.html Would the fact this cam is rated at .01lux help my problem with snow? Thanks.
  10. My system has pretty good day time pictures, but at night the images become very poor with static/snow (some shots better than others). Does anyone had an idea on what is causing the nighttime problem (i.e snow)? I've tried new cabling and termination without any improved results. Any advice on the white halo's (IR related I suspect) would also be welcome. My system consist of: -Avermedia NV5000 (+ two avermedia 4 cam expansion boards = 12 cams) -mixture of inexpensive cameras (although Cams 8 &11 are CNBs.... VBM-24VF) -LTS 12vdc18 amp Power supply (1 amp @ camera....can over amperage cause problems?) - cable runs of 50 – 150 feet (I am using different types of cables, most are 95% copper 18awg siamese; although one is a lower guage (see cam 9) and one other is a pre-terminated & not 95% copper (learner only after installed & trying to splice). My problem is on cameras with high grade cables so i did not think this to be the cause and didn't want to unnecessarily rewire...but I who knows, I would if needed). I've attached two pictures one day time, the other at night. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Brad