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  1. videoprofessional

    Arecont 3Mp focusing issues

    Hi all and thank you for you replies, I have resolved the problem as follows: I replaced both cameras with the 5Mp model, et voila! perfect images..across the entire scene. In fact one of the original 3Mp cameras was dodgey, and this certainly did not help when trying to focus it, so I replaced them both, I acknowledge in retrospect that i was asking to much of the 3Mp models as the distance to region of interest was 15 mtrs. in variable lighting conditions I do feel, and you feedback would be appreciated, that the sensitivity of the CMOS chip across is overall surface area is not consistent, this seems to be worse at the edges of the image, also as in all CCTV application the lighting is critical when using the high resolution MP cameras. thanks again for the feedback, do any of you have comparative experience of using Arecont and the IQeye Mp cameras. DC ireland
  2. I have recently set up a V8.3Hybrid with 16 analogue and 2 x Arecont AV3155 3mp body cameras. I am using 2 x 6mm manual Megapix lenses. The environment is outdoor for both so the on scene lighting is dynamic. I have found the setup to be straightforward, no problems with GV seeing the cameras etc, however it has taken an age to get the cameras focused. After changing the back-focus and adding/removing spacer rings etc, I have one of the cameras perfect now, and the PAP view makes a great change compared to the usual washy analogue PAL images. however the second camera is proving very hard to focus despite many attempts to get a sharp image. I have tried to keep the aperture setting at as low a setting as I can in order to maximise depth of field, I have tried opening the grub screws on top and bottom of the front plate of the camera housing to move the base focus position of the lens, I have added and removed the spacer rings, etc. I have requested a new lens (8mm) this time from my very helpful distributor to try a different unit just in case, but what can be wrong with a manual lens? Have any other users experienced difficulties in this area and if so can you make an recommendations to speed up this process, I would be grateful for any advice or suggestions. Sincerely DC Ireland.
  3. videoprofessional

    PIP view on spot monitor

    Is it possible to have a Picture in picture (PIP) view of a megapixel camera displayed on a spot monitor from a GV hybrid running v8.3? I know it is fine in live view, but I am not familiar with the new matrix output capabilities. the system design is a 14+2 hybrid, a 19TFT control monitor on the HDVR, and 2 x spot monitors in a public area on which the output from 2 x 3Mp IP cameras is to be shown I want to have PIP option on the spots showing magnified area of the overall scene. Any feedback would be great thanks.