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  1. I should get rid of it but they are pretty expensive and it is just a crummy HDD issue. I bought a new 160 Gb and installed it and then in about a day the video indexing is messed up and it quits. Same with a 320 Gb HDD. If I put one of the old 160's back in and an 80 slave it works fine. So the only issue is that it is looking for a particular HDD .... which is pretty crummy! A shame to have to pay them $400 for a $45 HDD and a real shame that I can not just install (and keep working) and replacement myself. The last thing I wanted to try was connecting with a terminal program and trying to had the D4 itself format the HDD .... but I can't connect to it.
  2. No, you came here asking for help but you couldn't answer the few questions I asked you. There is a good chance I can't help you, but if you can't answer the questions - what exactly are you expecting me to do? So after two weeks you still don't know ... LOL. Right ... I cam here asking for help two weeks ago and you said you had the answers. Apparently I mis-read that. Thanks anyway.
  3. No, you came here asking for help but you couldn't answer the few questions I asked you. There is a good chance I can't help you, but if you can't answer the questions - what exactly are you expecting me to do? Well ... can you see the photo I attached to my reply post? I sent you a PM and asked for help. You said to post it here and you would do that. You also indicated that it was easy to swap out the HDD and that is what my question is about. I said that version of the software in the machine is current version of the software (3.1 v.188) in the first post and in the PM So what is your question about that? It is an Dedicated Micro D4 (D4DR) ID number 00D0D9037A4C I believe I have provided all I have.
  4. LOL ... guess no one knows
  5. What is the full model number? 3.1 188? Did you mean 3.1 168? I didn't think they made a release after 3.1 168. When you first power it on, what version of the bootloader is it running?
  6. I've tried to replace my HDD twice on my D4. Have current version of the software (3.1 v.188) and my machine had (2) 160 GB HDD's originally (turns out the Maxtor is really 163 GB). I put a 320 GB in it and all was fine for 12 hours or so ... then HDD fail because of video index. I've been thru several iterations of these. Bought (2) 160 GB WD HDD's and installed. Turns out they are really 160 GB and not 163 like the Maxtor's are. So, only the C drive installed. Worked a few days then same video index error. I have a router and have the D4 on it. How can I access it over my home network thru my router? Secondly, how can I get the D4 to format the HDD for me instead of me doing it via my 3rd party software on my PC? I don't seem to be able to communicate with the box over the network other than in the DM viewer software. I tried to connect to it via the serial port and hyper terminal ... no success. I also tried to connect to it via my FTP program in the home network through the router ... no success. Can we connect to the D4 via the serial port? What settings and prochedure? I'm not sure if having the D4 format the HDD itself will help, but it appears that the unit is unhappy with anything but it's original Maxtor HDD.
  7. Thanks very much for the replies. Well, I'm stumped then. The unit says to use the monitor to format the HDD's but there is no way to get to it to have it done. I do not know how to use the FTP stuff very well. I have FileZilla but the D$ upgrade has it's own FTP.exe file you use. I tried to attach it here but it is 300KB and not allowed. I tried all of my D4 passwords but none work so it has a special one. I have done a FAT32 format on the drives with the PC but the problem is how the D4 writes the video files. It appears to be looking for precisely a 163 MB HDD. Otherwise the files are not properly indexed and in 12 hours they are corrupt. The original HDD is a Maxtor 160 GB. I tired a 320 GB and then bought two new Western Digital 160 GB but they are true 160 and they did not work either .... bad deal and a lot of $$ shot!
  8. I updated the information .. it is a Dedicated Micro D4 DVR. It has two serial ports than can communicate but DM will not tell you how and none of the information I have found works. I can FTP to the box but only using DM's FTP program so I do not have their password/etc. DM's tech support sort of sucks and they are not helpful ... last one I will buy or install for sure. They do not tell the truth and then when you tell them what you know they admit they didn't and tell you they can help you. Stock answer is return to them ... $400 for a $45 HDD is pretty crummy. Thanks
  9. I have a Dedicated Micro D4 DVR and want to connect my PC to the unit via serial port but can't get hyper terminal to connect to it. How to do this please? Also, I have a router and the DVR on one address and my PC on another. Can I connect to the D4 using a FTP program and how do I get in ... passwords or something? Thanks much
  10. DMInstaller ... you have a PM
  11. you didn't try in my two threads ... which got zero answers. But, I figured it out and got it working and replaced the HDD's. DM said I had to send it to them for $600! BS, I did it myself. I bought the DM D4 because it was available and "appeared" to be well supported. It has been quite reliable and works well. But, with the SW on the local disk I think it just wore out after running 24/7 for 6 years.
  12. It is quite easy actually for a D4 ... I just did it.
  13. I changed out my HD by copying the failed one and the system is working. However, now I can not log on with the viewer ... making it worthless! I see the user text file but it looks to be encrypted. How can I log back in to look at the unit in real time again? solved
  14. Solved. I can now install any HDD I want and load it with the SW. DM wanted $490 plus round trip shipping ... crooks. Seems to be a pretty slow forum ... no replies I had a HD failure and discovered the dreaded need to send to the factory story. Have read all the threads I can find on the subject but can not install a new HD ... need help. I have another drive and did the FAT32 formatter then copied the D4_D4LU_v26.zip file to it. Installed in the unit and booted. It only gets to the boot loader halted screen now. Apparently there is no application software? I tried to connect with the FTP program in the D4DR_3.1(188).zip update but it will not work. I got and ran the testdisk data recovery utility and ran it. I can now see the partition and the files. I am trying to copy all of the files to my HD so I can copy them back to the D4 HD ..... BUT .... I get to the folder dvtr and it gets stuck, the HD clicks so I'm guessing this is my bad place.