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  1. Separating the camera LAN from the workstation LAN is a good practise. But there have been known cases where hackers use software tools to gain access to a CCTV camera by brute force attacks to retrieve the password. In most cases the installer puts the same password in all the camera's, so if one is hacked the hacker can access all the others and shut them down. Also some camera's are vulnerable for HTTP flooding causing them to reboot all the time. I've never seen anything happen like this for real except in movies, but it is scary to know that with the right software tool you can bring down a complete CCTV system within a minute if you have physical access to the network cable of an outdoor camera.
  2. Hi, I like to know if there's a good network security solution to prevent someone to unplug a network camera outside the building and connect a computer to the CCTV LAN to hack or attack with DDOS. I know about MAC security applied to a switch, but in some cases several camera's are connected to an outdoor switch or wireless receiver and from there connected to a single switchport of the indoor switch. I was thinking about a small business firewall to use mac security and to block all the ports except the streaming ports. Perhaps a IPsec connection from the IP camera to the firewall. (Axis and Bosch camera's are the only one used in the systems, they do support IPsec) Maybe it is a solution to place the outdoor camera's in a separate subnet and place a router/firewall inside the building, then route the outdoor subnet to the indoor subnet and block all the ports not in use. So when someone connects a PC to a camera networkcable and clones the mac address of the camera, still this person is not able to do anything on the CCTV network. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  3. Hey, I like to spoof or clone a mac address of a IP camera. I'm working with some brands of NVR where each camera has a license file related to the mac address. When a camera fails I have to replace it in a short time, so I have buy a new camera and after this I have to ask for a new license file or I have to buy a new license file. A lot of times it can't be done the same day. I like to know if there's a cheap network bridge or router that I can put between the new camera and the NVR and with this bridge clone the mac address of the old camera. And this for the time it takes to get the new license file. A POE powered device would be perfect. A software script inside the various brands of camera's would be even better.
  4. Electryko

    Hard Drive RPM

    Hi, I recommend seagate SV (sata video surveillance) hdd, but in the past 10 years i've seen any brand will eventually crash. Many manufacturers of DVR equipment recommend to swap the hdd after two years. The best way to do it is a RAID config. The speed you need depends on the number of frames the system has to write to the hdd. More cams = more data at the same time. Continuous recording means more data than motion recording. With RAID, disc striping is used, this makes the writing faster. Mpix cams create more data. To know if you need 5400 or 7200 you have to know the amount of data first and the method the NVR software uses to store the data.
  5. Electryko

    What NVR NAS

    Six months ago i bought the QNAP NAS with RAID1 option. My camera's were not supported but i bought it for the RAID storage and the ftp server. My plan was to buy a fanless PC with Windows Homeserver and a IP camera program. This month I found out that the compatabilitylist for the NAS contained extra cams so for the moment i'm happy but 2 cams max. .
  6. Electryko

    What NVR NAS

    Qnap surveillancestation supports my cameras since the nov 2011 update.
  7. Electryko

    Best routers

    I recomment Draytek routers. Little more expensive but not as expensive as the industrial ones. Everything is in it, VPN, QoS, RAS, ACL, etc. My router is now up for 8 years and my previous Draytek is still running at a friends home.
  8. Electryko

    Switch powered by POE

    Thanks a lot people, i posted this topic just a few hours ago and now already you brought me the solution. I looked at the various websites and there's even an portable POE-injector for sale, but i go for the OutreachQuad switch. Thanks,
  9. Hi there, I'm looking for an easy way to configure IP camera's on site. Right now i'm using a POE-injector and my laptop. But recently i had a situation where there was no AC mains for my POE-injector, i had to adjust the lens of the camera by phone with a securityguard. Some IP camera's don't have a analog video output so i can't use my test monitor to do the job (adjusting the lens). What i'm looking for is a 3-port switch which is powered by the POE from the cable which comes from the POE-switch in the system used to power the camera. This way i can connect the camera with it's own address to the POE switch and my laptop also with another IP address. Does anyone know a switch like this? Thanks,
  10. I've problems too with the IQEYE511 Sometimes i get an vertical orange line in the image. Firmware update doesn't solve the problem. Very fast connecting and disconnecting the POE for 3 times works and the line disappears. Some 511 camera's give a blank white image. I still can manage the camera by the webbrowser but the image remains white. Again firmware and ActiveX component update doesn't work.
  11. Electryko

    Playing recorded pictures from FTP

    Reading all your posts makes it clear that i do need a PC based server with VMS software or i have to buy a QNAP or NUUO NVR. I don't think it's possible to run a virtual PC on a NAS it would be great, and writing from VMS to a virtual drive on a NAS means that i still need a PC running with the VMS software 24/7. I will buy a small PC with VMS software and a NAS for my other stuff. (i'm never satisfied so i will look on some PC forums if there are fanless PCs with solid state drives big enough to run windows/linux and a VMS, i will write the videodata to the NAS) Greetz, ElectrYko
  12. Electryko

    Playing recorded pictures from FTP

    I've recorded my camera's before with Milestone, Blue Iris and Axis Camera station on my PC. But my goal is not to record on a PC anymore but on a NAS. I want the NAS to place somewhere in the house where you don't see and hear it. I want to record my video to a multimedia/data storage NAS and not a dedicated NVR NAS. The poor NVR software on the QNAP and Thecus multimedia NAS doesn't support my Axis209 and 241Q. (the Thecus does but 1fps only) So i'm thinking of buying a multimedia NAS with ftp server and record from the camera to the ftp server and play the video from my PC. The first part allready works but for the playing part i need a program. Greetz, ElektrYko
  13. Hello, I'm new to recording video from a IP camera to a FTP server. I have setup a FTP server, it's running. I have created a motion event in my Axis camera. It all works and the pictures are written to my FTP server. But what i like to know..... How and with what software can i search and play these pictures the best. And also how to auto delete the pictures after a month? At this moment my FTP directory is growing all the time with only jpg pictures and it's hard to search for events if i have to watch all the pictures. Please advise Greetz, ElectrYko
  14. Electryko

    What NVR NAS

    Thanks, QNAP has a great collection of NAS. The QNAP VioStore has all the NVR stuff I want but no mediaserver and datastorage for non NVR stuff like movies or MP3. The QNAP 412 and 419 seem to have it all, the NVR software is simple but good enough for my home. The only problem is that I can't find the Axis209 and 241Q in the compatibility list, the list on the QNAP website is outdated from 2009. The VioStore NAS supports all the camera's. Does anyone know if the Axis209 and 241Q are supported already for QNAP Surveillance Station? (the simplified version of the VioStore)
  15. Electryko

    What NVR NAS

    Hi, I need some advise I have 2 Axis IP cams and a 241Q encoder. I like to record 24/7 but I don't want a PC running all the time. (my wife would kill me if she finds out a PC is using electricity all the time) So I like to record on a NAS with build in NVR software. Because I want to use the NAS for recording IP cams and as a Multimediaserver and also for personal datastorage in RAID5 I don't want a NAS for the camera's and a second NAS for the other data. I want an all in one. I found the Thecus N0503 comboNAS, this one is affordable around $600 but it records in pictures and makes a video afterwards. (1 fps max) I want at least 5fps per cam and 30fps max. Does someone know a NAS with multimedia, ftp server, NVR etc which has NVR software with the possibilities like Cyeweb? Greets, ElectrYko