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  1. Hi, I have an avtech AVC 791A. I am unable to download the recordings on the DVR through VIDEO VIEWER.I have tried 2 versions of software. On one version when i click Backup it gives error message "FAILED TO GET DEVICE PARAMETERS".On second version i am able to click backup button on the software and reach a screen where it shows the list of recordings in the DVR , but when i select a recording and click download it shows error message "NO RECORD DATA" . I am able to download the backup via the web interface but thats done at very low speeds( ~1MB/s). Please help me out Also post latest AVTECH CMS download link.
  2. Hi all I have an avc791A DVR. I have installed video viewer. I am able to view the cameras from this video viewer but iam not able to download the videos recorded on the HDD of dvr. when i click backup button on DVr it shows "Failed to get device parameters" . Please guide me.
  3. Hi all, I have just started doing my business related to security equipments. I found this forum to be helpful in gaining information .Right now i am confused which all products i should represent.so i would like to here from you guy's on the following products. @ CCTV cameras @ Standalone DVR @ PC Based DVR cards I want to know which all manufactures are good in above categories. Thanks in advance " title="Applause" />