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  1. steveo44

    Hikvision 7608 advice needed

    Hard to beat on price and service https://www.exactcctv.com/collections/cctv-nvr/products/hikvision-ds-7604ni-e1-4p-nvr-uk-model Nvr comparison guide: http://www.vueville.com/home-security/cctv/nvr/buyers-guide-network-video-recorder-nvr/
  2. steveo44

    Need advise on what system to get.

    Question is though, will the SD card record at 3mp resolution or scale down. I suspect it will scale down thus making the 3mp a waste of time. I have no experience of recording onto SD cards so just a theory.
  3. steveo44

    Help me choose a DVR

    No point looking at 960h Buy something local to you ..... Dahua dvr will do what you need What's wrong 960h m8?
  4. Your not the only one who finds the range of equipment confusing. Interesting thread i look forward to your results!
  5. With so many different models of Hikvision Nvr to choose from it can become very confusing Anyone have a link where i can compare the range of Hikvision Nvr models please?
  6. http://www.costco.co.uk/view/product/uk_catalog/cos_10,cos_10.7,cos_1.9.1/189633 http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/swann-1080p-nvr-8-channel-ip-cctv-kit-with-4-cameras-a55tw £180 price difference! Also 960h recording resolution is that poor by today's standards? 1080p live viewing but 960h playback seems bit of a con to me although would make little difference when using an iphone to playback? Are these Swann Nvr's poe? No mention on the specification, is poe the norm these days?
  7. steveo44

    Hi from Lincoln, UK

    Glad to hear that the cctv did the trick Mike. It can be a nightmare living near kids of that age and their parents
  8. steveo44

    HD-SDI BNC to VGA converter

    Ok cheers. I'm in the UK so would prefer a UK supplier(no offence) Forgot to add that there is no DVR just the camera connected to an old bnc/vga monitor. I have no idea why he has such a good camera. He is not interested in recording just for live viewing.
  9. I have a family member who has installed a HD-SDI camera looking at his car after a recent theft. The problem he has is that the camera has been cabled in RG59 and if connected direct to the monitor BNC input no image is displayed. I presume the BNC input cannot handle the HD image? Are there any HD-SDI to VGA/BNC converters? Or BNC to HDMI? Many thanks, Steve
  10. I've been in the security industry over ten years but have mainly been involved in intruder and alarms and only occasional cctv. This week i have been given a DVR to install which i have never seen before and also i am having a go at setting up remote viewing which is a first for me. As predicted i am having a little bother and i am hoping for some guidance on here please The DVR in question is a HCR-16D First question. As there is no logo on the DVR or manual who makes these, is it a company called Hunt? I have installed the iphone app for this DVR and can connect over the LAN no problem but i cannot connect from an external network. DDNS setting on DVR: Server: dvrdomain.com Port: 95 Domain Name: ddnsxx-xx-xx.dvrdomain.com Admin port: 5920 Audio/Video port: 5921 Web Port: 80 I have set up the zyxel router nbg334w so that ports 5920 & 5921 forward to the ip address of the DVR 192.168.1.xx Do i need to do anything for ports 80 & 95? As i connect on the LAN using the ddns address i presume this side working correctly yes/no? Also i believe i should be able to connect from an external network using internet explorer. Should i be able to do this using the ddns address? Hope this post makes sense and i would really appreciate any help in pointing me in the right direction. Cheers, Steve
  11. steveo44

    31 Days

    Thanks for the speedy reply Chris. Anyone know what the rules are in the UK?
  12. steveo44

    31 Days

    Must all DVR's be set up to record for 31 days or does it vary at different sites? Is there a guide for this please?
  13. steveo44

    Viewing One Camera

    just found this review viewtopic.php?f=19&t=25392
  14. steveo44

    Viewing One Camera

    Thanks for the swift reply tomcctv. I'm a little behind on ip cameras. Do i just plug it into the router or does it need to be connected to a pc that is switched on?
  15. steveo44

    Viewing One Camera

    I would like to have one camera installed at my Mothers house that looks at the stairs area. The reason for this is that she is no longer steady on her feet due to having a condition called ataxia. Would it be possible to network and view this camera without buying a dvr? Is there some way i can access this camera using my iphone without a dvr? I have no reason to record the image it will only be used for observation. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. cheers.