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  1. Colm

    RF modulator

    All four pictures are working on the App
  2. Colm

    RF modulator

    That's right they are
  3. Colm

    RF modulator

    Hi and thanks for the reply. Yes the cameras are showing on the App all four of them. It would hardly be because I used RG59 instead of coaxial to feed the rf modulator do you think as I say it's 25ft or so
  4. Colm

    RF modulator

    I have just moved a DVR 25ft away from it's old location which used to be beside an RF modulator which distributed the cameras picture to the TVs now there is no picture but there is the four boxes on the screen for each of the four cameras but no picture. Does the RF modulator have to be close by the DVR ?
  5. Colm

    Rj45 ends

    Is cat 6 a better option for a ssolid connection for the Rj45 ends. I seem to be getting a lot of network problems using the cat 5
  6. Can u access it through the land 192.168...,,
  7. Possiblly the http on the second dvr? try it at 80 too
  8. You need to make the ports you opened to configure to the ip address
  9. Am getting a slight wave scrolling across the picture,first thought it was the satellite cables but it isn't, the only other thing is the cat5 is running along side lead along the roof could,this be the problem?
  10. Colm

    cctv audio device

    Think it's the screened audio cable I need anyway? it's for this little cctv audio module I've attached a picture
  11. Colm

    cctv audio device

    Thanks for the reply twisted pair as in cat5?
  12. Hello and greetings to all Question- for audio listening devices should the wire be speaker wire for 100% job or does 4 core alarm cable as good? No cable run's of more than 25metres
  13. Colm

    email settings

  14. Colm

    email settings

    picture this in a recording studio subway far far away
  15. Colm

    Remote DVR Viewer from dvrdomain.com

    Hi possibley the old router had a different gateway IP to the new one and there for it would need changed in the dvr ..gateway ip... like if ones and the others