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    Remove paint from camera glass

    You might find that the paint will flick off with your fingernail. If it was sprayed, it may not have adhered well to the glass. Simple glass or lens cleaner and lens paper may loosen it up so it wipes off. When painting, that's all I do to clean my eyeglasses, carefully wash them in lens cleaning solution.
  2. Maybe they really should, most of my google searches turn up cra... cnn crave craigslist fish
  3. Find a good length of pipe that fits a halogen spot light bulb, paint the inside of the pipe flat black, wire it up for a wall plug, plug it in and point it at the camera from your own window whenever you are home and want privacy. Wait to see how long until the camera gets repositioned. That should show you if you're being viewed from your house. If the police get called to your place, ask why it's OK to point a camera in your window but not OK to stop it. Disrupt the signal with bright light that only shines on the camera.
  4. WCHS

    Car Survailence

    Seon Dot Com, these are used in school buses, law enforcement and other mobile applications. Good place to start shopping. Standard DVRs work for mobile applications if you are using a solid state drive. I've seen this done in motor homes as mobile video security, but motorhomes have the space for larger DVR boxes.
  5. Another option to look into is a channel modulator or channel injector. You can insert your security video feed into an unused TV channel. They are avialable in PAL, NTSC, and the newer digital ATSC if you can find a supplier that's up to speed on the newer north american standards. This is a common way to set up a single camera to see who's at the front door. Same principal to inject the video out from your DV into your TV channels on an unused channel. Make sure it is actually an unused channel in your selections. Most good channel modulators have quite a range of channels to choose from, but there are a few that only offer channel 3 or chennel 4 like what is used for older video game consoles or VCR inputs. Avoid the channel 3/4 only modulators. The other suggestions are cheaper and simple, just a cable run to your additional tv input. The channel modulators have an advantage to distribute to all of your TVs at the incoming source.
  6. What dedicated NVR / Hybrid options are available on the market. Not looking for information on PC card based systems or software NVRs. The price range would be more for a home owner on a budget than a business with inventory to protect from all angles. Are there sub $1000 NVRs available for an installation of 8 cameras that would fit this budget? Are there compatibility issues between NVRs and IP cameras from different manufacturers that should be watched for when considering certain Network Video Recorders? I've pretty much either used DVR/analog systems, or in the case of IP cameras, individual IP cameras using the home user software that comes with them. Planning a different system to manage multiple buildings on the same property that are networked together with some Veracity Highwire ethernet over coax converters. Would like the standalone NVR in one building, while the IP cameras are placed in other buildings or over 802.11n wireless. I've had the Veracity network running for quite some time, so the next step is to upgrade the current DVR to something more applicable to my needs so I can skip wiring long runs for analog cameras or having a seperate DVR in other buildings for analog cameras. If I skip the analog, and upgrade to either all IP or a hybrid for existing analog and additional IP, then either an NVR or Hybrid seems logical. So what's available out there?
  7. WCHS

    Catching Mail Thieves

    Wishful thinking that'd get you in jail faster than the thieves in our state, then the lawyers would get hold of your wallet and you'd pay the thieves money for all kinds of crazy stuff for them having stolen from you in the first place. A prepaid cell phone with the chaperone service activated could tell you where your packages had been going. But you'd lose the cell phone in the process of tracking the thieves, unless you catch them. Geo-Tracking dog collars can work too, but most are subscription based. The nice thing about the chaperone cell phone and dog collar, you set the area limits. They alert you once they are on the move, not before. The bird house plan is a good deal. I use one for a security camera now. I even have glass in the hole to keep the birds out.
  8. WCHS

    Catching Mail Thieves

    An option is a game or trail camera with a vandal resistant bear box. Much more visible and difficult to hide, but an option for a camera. The batteries last for days or weeks on some models. The game or trail cameras take series of photos or video clips at a rate and length of your choosing on SD computer cards. If you choose the infrared version, you can usually catch a license plate number within 30 feet of the camera if it's a higher resolution camera model. I recommend the infrared version or a version without a visible flash. The bear boxes are nice protection and many people make their own aftermarket models cheaper than the manufacturer models. Lag bolt the box to a sturdy post or wall, instert teh camera into the box, maybe hide the trail camera in some hanging plants with plenty of line of site vision to see and detect the area guarded. The bear boxes lock with a padlock. Don't wait and see what happens with valuable merchandise, bait the thieves like you bait wildlife for a trail camera. Set out a box in the morning labeled like you recieved a package. Setting out packages containing valuable looking but used worthless computer hardware is a cheap way of getting rid of hazardous household waste while baiting the thieves. If you do some creative packaging with antistatic bags and fake labels and paper invoices, the items may look like new and valuable at first. Hopefully they aren't so bright to know they are stealing worthless junk if you present the packages well enough. If you get creative, you can even include a phony RMA option for returning merchandise for credit with some outrageous dollar amount for credit with an email address to contact for an RMA number. If you are web tech savy, you can create a website just for your own phony company where they can fill out the form on where to send the refund payment. You get the form with contact information, they get scammed and identified for stealing from you. If you set up a website, make sure you set up statistical tracking like a free statcounter which identifies the IP address of the visitor along with other tracking tidbits. Lots of crteative ways to deal with mail thieves, some that cost very little money. Most likely they are stealing from a location in line of sight for your deliveries. They see you have a package, run over and pick it up when the coast is clear. If this is the case, any traps you set may be observed while you are installing them. Keep that in mind. Good luck, hope you come up with a fairly cheap, easy and successful method to catch them. Sometimes hi-tech isn't necessary, most crooks are careless and in too much of a hurry to see the obvious. Especially if they've been getting away at the same thing for too long. Require all your packages come signature required.
  9. Hello, Spent my past working in electronics manufacturing and R&D, security systems mostly, some statistical processing equipment, radios of all kinds. The days before digital video become an industry standard, and digital video editing was a hot and sweaty task in a room full of heat producing analog video equipment. Oh, and video security used to be done on 8mm movie film with a clockwork camera. When I started, glass tubes were still in stock, solid state was a new technology. Here to poke around and ask some questions, get up to speed on what's available.