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  1. simple

    Hikvision 7204 HFHI-ST mobile device help

    thanks I will try again
  2. Hi guys purchased a hd-sdi HiKVISION 7204 got it set up running sweet until I tried setting it up to view on a mobile device I just can not seem to suss it been trying for hours got the ip's etc put them in get a on screen message then it alters the numbers as anyone got a dummies guide or video tutorial I also activated the router port etc. would really appreciated some info
  3. simple

    £200 limit for a camera

    Wow, cpeapest i found that was 169 quid, dearest was 280!! What are the images like? hi gembo ..... at the minute i have only connected the power to make sure it worked out of the box ..... i havent had time to install it yet but everything appears to be fine .... i have decided to loose all the power packs and have a wall mountable lockable power unit which i also recieved this week fingers crossed i may get around to installing it this weekend if not definatly next weekend the camera was boxed as new with all fixings etc once installed i will upload some pics for you
  4. simple

    £200 limit for a camera

    ok camera sorted won a brand new boxed samsung b5399p for £61 cant believe it real bargain im lucky for a change got the camera here now but if anyone does stock the cmd smart/intelli ir cameras in the uk please let me know as i would love some of those babys
  5. simple

    £200 limit for a camera

    i should have mentioned i live in the uk as im not sure which cameras are available as for the cnb i have seen the smart ir demo which does look good but dont know of any stockist/sellers here
  6. i already have 3 ir dome cameras connected to my 4 ch dvr so i have space for one more but i intend to fit this one lower down to get nice clear shots of people faces as they walk down my path im thinking of spending about £200 on one any ideas of a nice camera for that price or what are the cheaper ptz like? to be honest i wish had a few grand spare to switch to ip cameras for the megapixels but that is a few years away for me at the moment LOL
  7. simple

    UK CCTV suppliers

    i have recently used cctv direct on a couple of occasions they are based in leeds i have also used ebay as mentioned above
  8. bnc or rca? hi my dvr takes bnc and rca connectors currently i use bnc to bnc would there be any improvement using bnc to rca? or is one better than the other?
  9. simple

    playback issue

    well i know this post is slighlty old now ...... but here is still pic from one of my cameras of the workmen hitting my wall with the mini digger the wall as finally been replaced today so my current cameras have indeed already paid for themselves " title="Applause" />
  10. simple

    Needs a change

    im no genius when it comes to cctv , however it may be time to upgrade to a standalone dvr recorder .... i personally use a avtech 793 that i got for about £220 then added my own hard drive and currently run 3 twilight cameras connected to it the camera range from about £60 onwards depending on what you exactly want....the price grows with the ir range. im not saying that they are the best for the price ? but you have to work around your budget
  11. simple

    record format

    hi tom thanks for the pm a interesting read and video maybe i will lower to 12 fps as i am expecting my forth camera to arrive this week and it would save a little space on my 1000gig hdd and the quality as you said doesnt really drop
  12. hi .. what would be the best image size to record in on my avtech 793 cif (100 - 50 - 12 - 7) field (50 - 25 -12 - 7) frame (25 - 12 - 7 - 3) at current i have it set at quality super best frame 25 is this correct for the best results? thanks
  13. simple

    playback issue

    thanks scorpion ..... video player 1.14 works flawless on my pc " title="Applause" /> thats great .....cant understand why the other that is burnt to disc playerlitehj doesnt work ? but at least now i can playback without having to use a videocamera to film the monitor your a top man cheers
  14. simple

    playback issue

    well i found a temp fix i used digital camcorder and filmed the screen the boss looked gutted when i played it back for him and gave him a copy ..... they are rebuilding my wall but if anyone knows of a solution for the original problem please let me know thanks