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  1. The .VVF file format is used by Speco Technologies for files created by their DVR products. I checked their website, but couldn't find viewer software.
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    Vertical Keyboard Mount

    Here is another supplier of pole mount products who is based in Canada (also US office). http://www.mediamounts.com/
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    hello to all

    Welcome to the forum harsh. There is lots of good reading here.
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    Honeywell Dome Camera Help

    Hi Bob, Are you using 24vac or 12vdc operation? For 12vdc, make sure you have the right polarity to avoid camera damage. I'm thinking that your power supply can not deliver enough power for the camera (3.5w) as this appears to happen to all 8 cameras. If you do not have the manual for these cameras see attached link. https://www.honeywellvideo.com/documents/HD3VC4_3InchDomeCameraQuickInstallGuide_EN.pdf
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    Noob from Mid Western Ontario, Canada

    Welcome and enjoy the reading.
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    CCTV > Scart > PC?

    Good work....that's what you want! You'll only need to interconnect the yellow (video) cable....the red and white are for audio....unless you have a camera with audio? Play around with the software to find the best combination of quality so that it doesn't task your computer too much.
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    CCTV > Scart > PC?

    I would look for one of these external USB video capture cards for your computer which go for around £39.99 Connect an RCA yellow cable between this and the SCART card. Check your local audio visual store for cables.
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    CCTV > Scart > PC?

    As a start you will probably need a SCART AV adaptor such as this if you want to record onto a PCI video card or a vcr. If you let us know where you are located, then perhaps one of the other readers can direct you to suppliers in your area. Based on your budget, you might be best suited with a VCR or DVD recorder depending on how long you want to record.....a day? a week?
  9. Cameras needed to be focused at night with the IR on. If you've changed the lens during the install you'll need to do this. Once this is done, the picture will be great during the day.
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    Hello from Toronto

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    How to set up varifocal lense?

    although the lense is rated for 4 mm, I've come across something similar where I had to sacrifice the focal length to say 4.2 mm, so that I had enough realestate to focus the lens.
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    How to set up varifocal lense?

    do you have any 1/2 format lenses handy? the 2/3 may be giving you some distortion at the 4mm, although it should be fine....just a suggestion.
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    How to set up varifocal lense?

    Sounds like camera/lens back focus issue. Robert....Can you slightly unscrew the lens from the camera mount? Don't know this camera, but is there a brass lens mount ring between camera and lens?
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    How to set up varifocal lense?

    the black screw at the back of the lens....twist counter clockwise slightly to loosen the screw....should be able to rotate rear ring now
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    How to set up varifocal lense?

    what is the focal length of the lens? what format is the lens and camera?
  16. Have you been into the programming on the 2216? If not, press FUNCTION and ZOOM keys together......press ZOOM to advance through pages.....arrows to select. FUNCTION to exit. FUNCTION and ARROW (UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT) will get you into other menus including a factory default. If you have no video input, the alarm is probably VIDEO LOSS. Let me know if this doesn't clear the mux.
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    Panasonic WJ-HD220

    Sorry, don't have any spare parts.....as it was, when I added the second drive, I couldn't find the red mounting screws, absorbers, and clips.....after a search, found them in the bag with the documentation! If you didn't get the manual...that's probably where the hardware is. Yes, the HDD cables are flat, but surprised that they were missing from the recorder. Suggest you talk to Panasonic in Mississauga for the missing parts.
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    Panasonic WJ-HD220

    These were the 1st 8 channel dvr's we installed in the field as we had Pan 854 domes already on-site and wanted to abort the time lapse recorders and muxes. I think we have about four in the field. Nice machine, for small installations. I recently replaced a few hard drives, not that they were defective, just that the original 160G drives did not have the storage capacity they needed for a JPEG machine. Inputs 1-4 accept coax control, you'd have to add the MP204 if you require more than four domes. As well, you'll need the CU360 controller. The network software is simple to operate, search, and download images (along with a player), although limited to only one net user at a time.
  19. After re-looking at the documentation more closely for dip switch 1 settings on page 13. What you were seeing... RS-485 mode (cameras 1-96) with 8 ON, everything else is OFF. (Turning on power when this setting is selected causes the RS485 SET UP menu to appear during the initialization routine.) CU-161 set for RS-485 What you want... Coax mode (camera 1) with 1 & 8 ON, everything else is OFF. CU-161 set for COAX. I know that coax control works for this camera, as we have them in the field. Make sure you power down the camera and CU-161 before making any dip switch settings.
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    Welcome to the forum!
  21. Have you changed the DATA switch on the rear of the CU-161 for COAX? If camera is new, it is set for CAM 1, therefore it should work out of the box.....camera connects directly to the CU-161....output to monitor. Hold Camera Setup button.......does the camera menu come up? Have you changed the address of the camera by chance? If so,set all switches OFF. You may have already done this.
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    The site is a privately owned village which requires CCTV to cover main areas of the houses back & front. My questions are mainly to do with the wiring back to the security office (as seen on the attached site plan). Questions as follows; 1) would armoured rg59 be suffient for this or would we be better running fibre? I'd recommend using coax RG6 as opposed to RG59 based on your distance for both fixed and pan/tilt cameras. Fibre is the preferred method, however unshielded twisted pair (UTP) would also be an option. I would use UTP over fibre as it is easier to work with. Ensure your cable is secured in conduit or armoured. 2) The site has street lighting , could the exisiting ducts be used to feed back to the security office? any recomendations on how to wire back to the security office from each camera. Can't seem to get my head around it TBH!! I sent you a suggested cable routing which basically follows the fence line. This could be either affixed to the fence (in conduit) or buried. Routing alongside power ducts is not recommended. As indication, locations on the other side of the property would require trenching to the nearest pole. As well, each location would have a junction box for interconnecting equipment (fibre, UTP, alarm, power) 3) Powering the cameras - could i take a local feed from the street lighting? You'd have to check to see if this is possible with the utility company. I'd home run power to the monitoring room, that way you have a central source at least for powering the camera, although if you are powering other gear, than local power on your camera towers is essential. I'm making some assumptions based on your image. 4) what would you guys do on this type of job, we are slowly expanding our business so your help is much appricated. I would recommend higher poles based on the property, and to prevent tampering. Do you plan on installing multiple cameras on the towers? Any alarm equipment? or is this for surveillance only?
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    Can you provide us what type of camera product you are looking for? Dome? Box? Day Night? We need more as these manufacturers have a range of equipment.
  24. Looking for input on an upcoming parking lot application. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Application: To provide video surveillance of parking lot. Reason: Employee Safety as mostly women, work late hours. Details: 1. Fenced employee vehicle compound approx. 40 x 100 ft. Paved lot. 2. Existing high pressure sodium light fixtures providing even illumination of lot...haven't had the chance to measure current levels. 3. Some trees installed on an island dividing the parking lot (20 x 100ft)...client has agreed to remove some. 4. Two towers will be erected to support video cameras and view down each divided section. 5. Fixed cameras will be installed on these towers to view along fence line and gate openings. 6. Proposing two dome cameras with Autotracking capability to follow employees to their cars. There is a receptionist on site who will be able to view cameras, however with their other tasks, they are wanting to automate camera switching, follow the target, and record activity. Of what I can find, the only cameras with Autotracking are the Bosch Envirodome & the Panasonic WV-CS954 unitized camera. Anyone have other suggestions for Autotracking cameras? Cheers.....Rapid
  25. No problem.....take care.