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  1. I've hijacked the video feed from a Commax intercom and fed it into a Vivotek TS8102 to run on a NUUO NVRsolo. Problem is, the camera is NTSC. And it appears that the TS8102 isn't displaying it properly despite me attempting to force the signal into NTSC. On the flip side, if I attempt to force a PAL camera into NTSC, then the image still displays properly, despite the settings on the encoder. I thought this might be an issue with the encoder but I replicated the issues with an old GV VS02. I'm in Aus so NTSC cameras aren't very common. I know the Commax cam is NTSC. Spec sheet is here. It's the CS http://www.sirius.kiev.ua/images/documents/instrukcii/domofon/Video_paneli/drc-40cs.pdf The Commax indoor monitor will only display NTSC Does anyone know how to solve this or know what the issue is?
  2. Campbell

    Do I actually need a geovision card? For GV IP cameras

    This is incorrect. Geovision NVR software will happily run without a DVR card (since it's designed to and has done for the past 8+ years). OP - Yes, you can install Geovision NVR software and run your Geovision IP cameras without need for a license dongle or DVR card (why they still use dongles I have no idea). However, if you want to use no GV products then you will need to purchase some licenses. None of the associated programs (playback etc) need a license to run, irrespective which cameras you use, but of course these are effectively useless without GV-NVR.
  3. Now that a number of manufacturers have introduced WDR into their megapixel range. I was wondering who has the best performing WDR in the megapixel market. If no one does know, does anyone have a sub to IPVM and wants to C&P the article to me in an email?
  4. Campbell

    WDR & Megapixels

    Thanks Matt, but I was more looking towards the WDR performance in a hostel foyer. It will be pointed straight at a door to outside. I do understand that CCD > CMOS for WDR but I hope to use a MP solution rather than analog.
  5. Without shooting you down, I've found a lot of cameras are auto discoverable also have auto focus assist and of course most come with smart setup so you can incrementally assign IPs to all your cameras. Also, when did NUUO start charging on an annual basis. They certainly don't here.
  6. Brickcom have some good wireless cams. My other thought. Could you not just mount a 10MP Arecont or Avigilon or something with a nice fat 25mm or 50mm fixed lens on the side of a building pointing out into the runway?
  7. Campbell

    So stupid...

    Hope it was set up enough to record it! Yup. Even tried to deny it to the insurance company too until they were told there was CCTV footage.
  8. How much electrical knowledge do you need?
  9. Campbell

    Geovision 8.5.4 released on Friday

    Yes, this is the same software. E: Oops, too much Whirlpool posting.
  10. Ok so I have this problem. I've installed Control Centre 8.5.0 on 1 machine - Windows 7 I have 1 GV1480 & 1 GV600 I cannot get Control Center to connect to the DVRs period. Firewalls are down Running latest versions of software Can ping DVRs from CMS machine Can view DVR webpage from CMS machine Control Center will search and locate the DVRs and add them including all camera names all services are running But I cannot get any live view from the cameras. It doesn't even try to connect. As soon as I hit update host settings or try to live view, it instantly says Unable to Connect... it doesn't even try and I'm quite flummoxed
  11. Campbell

    Control Center will not connect to DVR

    FIXED! Sodding white lists...
  12. Campbell

    So stupid...

    I'd just finished installing 1 camera at a school and as I was setting it up on the DVR I saw a teacher do a hit and run on my car.
  13. Campbell

    Geovision 8.5.4 released on Friday

    They just need to stop using dongles for everything. I have quite a few legacy systems where the dongle system is causing me issues
  14. Campbell

    More for the Installation Hall of Shame

    Next time I go up, I'll take some pics of my gf's pharmacy. It's pretty laughable! The best part is the blu-tak'd camera
  15. Campbell

    Control Center will not connect to DVR

    Tried this, no dice No service will connect. But as I said, CMS will see the DVR through its own findadevice tool and can pull all the camera names.
  16. Campbell

    Urban foxes on CCTV cameras

    Can't do foxes. Can do wallabies, bandicoots, goannas.
  17. Not unique Most major manufacturer have full body and dome cameras that with the aid of lenses can easily and clearly view 80m. I'm using a 5MP to view 250m away. I'd suggest using megapixel. Do you want to talk to people through the cameras? Or do you mean you want to record sound from the cameras. Again quite a few major manufacturers have cameras that have audio functionality. Vivotek is one of them. What? What internal software? For a CCTV project you will need a separate DVR/NVR to monitor this system. A switch is a network device and has no ability to host cameras. It is just a means to connect various IP devices together. If you're using network cameras, why do you need analogue inputs? Dependent on how urgent this job is for the customer, based on your last statement, I'd suggest you leave this to someone with more experience in this field. No offence to you, but if you're trying to find a switch to act as a DVR/NVR then you should sit back and do more research into how CCTV works before you undertake a job for a client.
  18. Campbell

    Control Center will not connect to DVR

    Yeah yeah, all the services are on too.
  19. If you're looking for budget NVR, choose NUUO. It's price point is much better than Avigilon or Exacq for your needs. It's an intuitive easy to use package with some basic analytics in built.
  20. Campbell

    Corrupt Government Employees. Any Takers?

    HAH! Do they really ask that at Centrelink now? Makes me think of Housos!
  21. Campbell

    Hello From Oz

  22. Campbell

    What planet is he on

    Chloroform or pepper spray!
  23. Campbell

    What planet is he on

    Candid camera or Gotcha or some other show like that probably ;P