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  1. You could go i5 but you need to configure the stream settings of each camera because it eats a lot of process even you are only using 6 cameras. If you are only using 6 then go for srn-1673s or 873s. They come with a built-in poe switch port at the back and can support full 2mp@ all channels
  2. 1337.807

    IP cameras

    The NVR can support HIKVision cameras. Hikvision cams are reslly good and they are cheap nice quality too to be honest. There are Samsung cameras that comes cheap now a days but stripped down, they are expensive because the design typically is install and wait till it breaks in the next 6 years, we do have clients who are so satisfied because since the day we installed it we have never encountered trouble since. Get the Lite series but if you still find it expensive then go for HIKVision cameras again they will work since both manufacturers are serious with OnVIF compliance.
  3. Even if it's ONVIF it doesn't mean that it supports ever function. Typically they only go with continuous recording or what the camera can give to the NVR. Did you try updating the camera firmware? Wireless isn't reliable as it looks better go wired like that guy said, I agree with him. You should have gone with a Samsung camera to get things on the same picture or a different camera manufacturer who is serious about compliance. Have you tried to manually add the camera instead of auto.search?
  4. Seems legit Soundy, I had them installed 1:1 for power anyway you're right if the camera dies the view dies but not all of them gets off when you get 1:1 for power not all in a centralized manner. Well I guess I have to migrate to PoE for the up coming projects with regards to IP CCTV.
  5. How about the lifespan of the wire or when the switch fails for some reason? the ports and stuff? Yeah I think centralized power and less wires is great but I guess lets just say security matters not installation. Because to be completely honest I don't have any problems with PoE switches at all trouble is when the switch fails or a port fails.
  6. Hi, I want to hear from you people what are the advantages and disadvantages of a PoE supplied CCTV system? Many thanks!
  7. Can you please explain to me the true function of RoI and how it looks like? Does it work like this? I have a camera lets say 3MP then I focused it at 6 doors, now I want to record the 3rd door only without touching or adjusting the lens. Is that how RoI works? I'm kinda confused because I saw one that it's RoI actually just blurs the area that is not selected but records the whole area. Can you post pictures too?
  8. so in other words it will work in a Cisco Smart switch... I always rely on the product documentation because they will tell if it wont work on this kind of setup. I am really concern about PTZ working over fiber optic.....
  9. I have a good question. Okay here is the set up we have Network PTZ cameras and we are going to connect them using fiber optic switches, we are going to use Cisco Smart Switches to be precise Catalyst Series 2900 with 2x SFP slots. Now my problem is the PTZ Protocol. Will the PTZ signal pass to the Cisco switch? Because someone informed me that Cisco and Pelco has something that they are sort of connected to them and the PTZ function might not work so I am concern about the protocol stuff. Can I control the PTZ function if I am going to use a Cisco switch? We are going to use Samsung Network PTZ cameras. Thank you again guys!
  10. Uhm we will us Cat6 cables since we are going to deploy them outdoor. Yeah I'm thinking of using switches but will use like may because the cameras are scattered all around the complex and they are in a perimeter. To add the cameras are PTZ... So I'm looking for alternatives like extenders but if I cannot find and I reach my deadline then no other choice we'll use switches and lots of them
  11. Uhm Cat5/5e/6 yeah but it would be better if also there is a Ethernet over Coax extender. Patton does have one but I'm looking for one's that resells in my country. Because this is our answer to the 90m recommended limitation. I don't like wireless.
  12. Other than Veracity Network Extenders do you know any? Please do state the company and the website if any... Thank you!
  13. 1337.807

    Vintage Camera

    Awesome! How is that camera? Does it still work? It's too big and bulky, and why does it have an on/off switch? but yeah cool huh.
  14. 1337.807

    dvr to net error

    Define exactly how does your connection setup look like? Like are they on a switch, router, etc... All I can see if I understand your question correctly is that you are trying to connect your DVR to the internet and you want to access the DVR on a PC? At this point is it has something to do with port forwarding.