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    presets on my ptz

    Ive used these guys a lot and have found their gear to be really good.... in particular I buy AVTECH DVR from MAP security as they always have the latest variant where as other disties are selling older models. We did use a couple of PTZ's from them earlier this year (only cheapo's about £300) and for the money they were A1 however we did have to buy a controller as the HIKvision DVR did not want to speak to PTZ despite our best efforts.....This seems to be a normal problem with low cost PTZ's I really like the AVTECH gear..the software is excellent the the new IVS range produce even better pictures... Cheers Chris
  2. Hi All, Ive had real trouble finding an outlet for this AVN304 Camera as it looks cracking for the money........ Has anybody reviewed? Finally Ive ordered one from MAP security (UK outlet) today so I will post on performance once it arrives....Apparently they are expecting first stocks to hit UK this week. Can anyone confirm if the software is the same as the eagle eyes?? I really hope so as I'm fluent with this protocol. Cheers Chris
  3. Chris Keylock

    What type of cable for PTZ Cameras?

    I used this cable for my 24Vac PTZ cams.......Works a treat although the supplier advised you should not have cable lengths longer than 70 metres due to Vdrop. Really heavy duty stuff and very tidy looking indeed.... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CCTV-PTZ-Cable-Signal-Data-Power-all-one-PRO-/360331061662?pt=UK_CCTV&hash=item53e567a99e Rgds Chris
  4. Chris Keylock


    thats correct its not JPEG and the playback clearly demonstrates it....The JPEG is vastly superior! BUT the Samsung is vastly superior to that pile of rubbish called the "alien pro" - The colours/ blockiness was appauling....In my opinion even the AVTECH gear is much better than the Alien..... Next I'm onto cameras...will post for advice.... Cheers Chris
  5. Chris Keylock


    Guys, we ended up buying a Samsung SVR 1645 unit because of its networking qualities..... The company also offered the JPEG 2000 units which they called the "dual codec" units but after somethought we decided to go down the samsung path......Nice bit of kit but playback does still not compare to JPEG!! Apparently MAP Security are the sole importer of JPEG DVR's....very helpful guys indeed...I liked their "installer" approach! BUT we went for the Samsung Cheers Chris
  6. Chris Keylock


    Hi All, our 7 year old DVR recently gave up life so we asked a local installer in Bristol to fit and set up a replacement unit with a least the same performance on playback. We run 3 builder merchants and on the trade counter we need high resolution due to some of the dubious customers we encounter......... The installer( who has done lots of good work for us on alarms ect) fitted a 16CH Alien pro unit and he reassured me that these are taking over the planet......Anyway to cut a long story short, the playback quality really is long way behind our exisiting unit even tho its set up on D1....I cannot find any info on Alien unit and i would guess its a budget unit made in China.....Can anyone help reassure me ive not been ripped off. Our old unit was a JPEG2000 model tho there is no manufacturer detalis on that one.......Can anyone advise if you can still get this unit in the UK....I think the Alien is going to have to take a flight! Thanks for any support! Chris