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  1. vector18

    2mp IP ptz over wifi

    They are parked illegally right in front of my friends garage, and it was supposed to be a funny title. I didn't think someone would take it so seriously.
  2. vector18

    2mp IP ptz over wifi

    Here's a recent video I took with this camera.
  3. Yup, that's what I had to lower to make it work. Bandwidth throttle
  4. vector18

    In-wall Monitors

    Have you considered using an Ipad? If you have any lighting controls or home automation, you can use the ipad as well. You can use the ipad for your security cameras by putting your dvr on your network and installing the app on your ipad. http://www.noushouse.com.au/store/product-info.php?iPort_CM-IW2000_iPad_iPad1_iPad2_wall_mount_dock-pid347.html
  5. vector18

    Good Priced PTZ

    rayt, just make sure they work with your NVR and will work with motion set up if thats how you record. They do look pretty good and for a good price for a 3mp ptz with 18x optical. The only thing is it looks different in two different pictures of it?
  6. Take a screen shot and post the picture your asking about.
  7. vector18

    Good Priced PTZ

    Sector, are you looking for analog or IP?
  8. I recently had a similar situation. A commercial building has a huge parking lot and the call box for the gate is approximately 750ft away from the building. They wanted a board camera inside the call box so they can see who they are letting in the gate. I decided that since the camera is so small and so close to the car, an analog board camera would do just as good as an IP camera. So, I had the gate company run me a cat5 when they ran their communication cables under ground. I installed the board camera with a pinhole lens in the mount already set up in the call box, used 1000ft video baluns, powered the camera inside the call box, and connected the cat5 inside the building to an analog DVR. I than put the DVR on their network, gave the DVR a static IP and than in the NVR I went into remote device, entered the IP of the DVR and channel one which is the gate camera. I didn't even tell the customer it's an analog camera and when we drove a car up to the call box, the persons face was crystal clear and they loved it.
  9. I'm sort of in the same position. I park two of my vehicles in a garage, but my 3rd vehicle gets parked on a public street. Different times/days I find different parking spots, so a fixed camera is useless. So, what I did was installed a 2mp PTZ and every time a park in a different spot, I turn the camera remotely directly onto my vehicle. Having the camera will not stop anyone from breaking into it, chances are they won't even know there is a camera watching it because it's so far away. But, at least I will have a clue who broke into it, submit the video to the police, and for my sake, see who did it and keep an eye out for that person and destroy him/her if I ever see them. So, my suggestion is get a PTZ and zoom in closely for better detail directly onto your truck, AND put some fixed cameras recording the surrounding area so you can get an idea where they came from or if they drove off in a car.
  10. vector18

    Troubleshooting driving me nuts

    If you can power the camera with the wire you ran, than plug in a small monitor directly into the camera, that would help.
  11. Ah, I don't have the paid app, my mistake..............
  12. vector18

    Troubleshooting driving me nuts

    Sounds like your not putting the ends on correctly.
  13. vector18

    wideest view IP megapix cam

    Why wouldn't you just want more than one camera in different areas of your barn? How do you think this wildlife is getting in? Have you thought about closing up any openings so they can't get in?
  14. Idmss will not let you playback or zoom in. I believe they are working on it, but they have been working on it for awhile now so who knows.
  15. You will be able to connect the mic to the camera itself. The analog mic inputs are for analog cameras because the inputs are for video only. An IP camera and network channel on your hybrid can handle video, data for ptz, and audio.