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  1. Hello everyone, Now im using dvr with P2P function which no need port forward and DDNS hostname, but when compared between P2P and DDNS, the P2P is very slow and more latency than DDNS. Does anyone know the P2P technologies how does it work? Thank you
  2. zynek

    Sony EFFIO

    Hello everyone, Now My office is being sold cameras with effio DSP chip in Thailand. This camera is 650 in color and 700 TVL in B/W with sony effio dsp 1/3 960H CCD (CDX4112GG) So many people in Thailand are interesting about this dsp, This is a link to view this cam (The camera name is ZSB651N) http://zynekdemo.dyndns.org:156 username: demo pass: 1234 sorry for my english