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  1. Hello everybody. I have a very special question/problem - I hope you can help. For a local hospital I have to find a way to transmit the video signal of the X-ray machine (a 20 years old Philips x-ray - no one knows the model, since it's composed of several cabinets) to a remote location over the internet. After many weeks, the machine administrator has finally managed to get a response from an "expert" for that machine. He said the video signal coming from the BNC connector is a 9 composite high resolution video output - does this make any sense? I don't have any fancy video signal analizer to be able to test the signal coming out, so i'll believe that. So, the signal coming out from the BNC should be a composite video signal with 75Ohm impedance. I have tried connecting the video signal to GV video server, but the video is not sharp as on the special philips monitor - like it is low res compared to the monitor picture. Also if I connect it to a small TV, we usually use for testing CCTV cameras, it isn't any better. Have already tried terminating the signal with a 75ohm T terminator, but the picture also doesn't get any better. Any help much appreciated.