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    Pelco dvr5100

    I performed a system recovery on my pelco dvr5116. I let it restore factory defaults and delete all video. It finished it ejected the boot disk and it rebooted and now it hangs up and just sits at the "pelco dvr5100 endura enabled" screen. I've tried running the disk again but each time after reboot it sits at that screen and never loads.
  2. I performed a system recovery on my pelco dvr5116. I let it restore factory defaults and delete all video. It finished it ejected the boot disk and it rebooted and now it hangs up and just sits at the "pelco dvr5100 endura enabled" screen. I've tried running the disk again but each time after reboot it sits at that screen and never loads.
  3. So i just recently got a used pelco DVR 5100 series DVR it is the 16ch version. Problem is when it boots up i can't see any analog cameras. and in the menu it won't give give me any cameras under the cameras tab besides the 4 IP channels its capable of. Is there something I am doing wrong?
  4. you are correct that is a honeywell pro watch system. I had to swap out about 65 of them systems to LENEL at a local refinery here. They use mercury branded boards.
  5. Avigilon is a great system but also take a look at hikvision. It is cheap and makes you question the quality but i have over 10 systems that are quite big. One of them which is in an ammunition plant with over 60 cameras and lots of fiber and have had no issues for over 3 years. Just my 2 cents Ive done allot of Pelco and Bosch systems but that will costs allot.
  6. tlavite

    HIKVISION Admin Password

    I have noticed that in the new version of hikvision cameras you need to log into the camera from a computer and setup a password first. They don't come with a default password anymore you now have to "activate" the camera. There should be a way to do it via the DVR but I usually just activate them all with a computer by hooking them up and navigating to there default address then it will ask you to make a password and username. I usually do this to all the hikvision cameras before I go onsite to install them. I know with the first few systems i put in they did have a default password of 12345 but then noticed that all the ones i receive anymore require what they call "activation". If that is not the case if i can recall correctly they have a reset button that will default the camera by holding it down and restarting it.
  7. tlavite

    Bosch Divar MR

    Wow its been a long time since i have been on here guys hows it going? I got a couple questions for you all that have had me stumped for the last week. I have a Bosch Divar MR DVR and a Bosch Intuikey controller with the joystick. for whatever reason i can not get the Bosch Intuikey to control any PTZ cameras on the DVR i can however control the cameras with the onscreen PTZ control so i know they are set up correctly. The Intuikey will control every other portion of the DVR besides actually moving the PTZ's. I also have a Bosch series 600 DVR with another Intuikey controller and everything works fine on it. Even if i swap controllers they all work on the Bosch 600 just not the Divar MR. My other question is does anyone know where i can get the newest firmware for the Divar MR? thats about the only thing i have left to try. This is the Divar MR info: model of the DVR is a Divar MR model number DVR-16L serial number is: 404009999100030002 MAC Address is: 00:E0:91:B0:B6:52 S/W Version is:
  8. Okay I have a Pelco 9500 matrix switcher I bought a pelco KBD960 keyboard.. it does not work with this Matrix (I know it was not made for this one) But does anyone know if there is anyway to make this model work with the 9500 matrix? I have ordered the correct keyboard the CM9505D for the matrix but. If i could also make the KBD960 work that would be nice. It will power up but the keyboard says Keyboard Off Line.. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  9. Hi I have been a member here for a while now posting on and off... I have been working professionaly in the field for a year now. I currently work for Phone Masters out of Illinois. I do all of the CCTV, Access control, Fire alarms, and burglar alarms. I was wondering how do I gain access into the private forum section. I am a union IBEW member and can show whatever credentials are needed to prove I work in this field. Thanks!!
  10. I recently acquired a Pelco CM9500 matrix switch and was wondering if any pelco matrix keyboard will work with it. I do not mess with matrixs that much at my work so I don't know much about the compatibility. The keyboard the manual calls for is a 9505 but the only one I can find is 250 bucks. I don't wanna spend that much on an old keyboard for hobby purposes. Does anyone know of any other pelco keyboard that would work? Thanks! UPDATE: Okay well i bought a used Pelco KBD960 keyboard but no luck... its for the Matrix model right above mine... Has anyone else had any luck with a different keyboard on a Pelco System 9500 Matrix/switch? I really do not wanna have to buy a brand new keyboard Id like to find a cheap used one..
  11. I have a pelco cm9500 matrix my question is about what type of keyboards will work with it... I can't find a cheap used version of the CM9505 keyboard. I'm just using this for my home system I got the multiplexer for cheap. And the only keyboard I can find is 250 bucks.. I was wondering if any pelco multiplexer keyboard would work. I work on camera systems for a living but I don't touch multiplexers much. Thanks guys!
  12. tlavite

    DSC Keypad and Ademco Keypad

    Okay this might sounds like a stupid question but.. I install alarms and CCTV systems (As I have mentioned here before) At my house I have a vista 100 panel i have installed but I also have a DSC panel i picked up on ebay new for like 50 bucks. It has a really nice keypad I was wondering if the DSC keypad would work with the Ademco alarm?? They have the same pinouts as far as R,B,Y,G but I don't know if they would talk... I highly doubt it but I wanted your guys thoughts on it also. Thanks!
  13. tlavite

    Wireless PTZ Network

    I have a client who has 12 PTZ cameras in a housing authority. They are spread out pretty wide. Currently they are all wired together with RG-59 and controlled over pelcos Coaxitron. The people who installed the system botched the wire job majorly. (I posted about this a few months ago) my question now is a new one. We want to swicth this system over to a wirless mesh type of system like you see on the highway with PTZ's. Does anyone have any links or information on a system like this?
  14. tlavite

    Pelco Coaxitron distance

    Yes I used coaxitron at my house. And the cameras all have there own pelco outdoor powersupply up ontop of each utility pole. Each supplying 26VAC