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  1. When I connected my NTSC camera to PAL Dahua dvr I get the flickering/black line. But when I connect my cheap Pal camera to Ntsc Avtech dvr it works. Whats going on? From what I heard you usually cannot mix and match two different signals. I am assuming my Avtech dvr is auto-sensing the camera signal or , the cheap PAL camera auto senses (which I doubt) I have a bunch of PAL and NTSC cameras that I would love to utilize on a single dvr but I am afraid to replace my old NTSC avtech for a new NTSC Dahua dvr if it wont accept both system signals. What am I not understanding here, hopefully someone can chime in with some info.
  2. Hi. dahua are regional. if you have a PAL then you cant use NTSC firmware. dvr needs to be flashed for region but you can set between PAL and NTSC in options in setup I tried in the settings but the drop down only says PAL. Is there any way to reflash the flash to NTSC? I don't see any tools or guides to do so. The VGA connection works fine with the DVR and I can see the picture but the feeds coming from the cameras are all rolling, which I know is a sign that the sign is incorrect (pal opposed to ntsc). Thanks! I am in asia using pal tv and pal dvr 1604LE-A but the cameras I bought were from USA and china. I am getting the flicker with black line and Its not the power supply issue. I thought the cameras would auto switch to pal or viceversa....I'm I not corrrect. What can I do as I dont have ntsc as a pull down option and hate to do a firmware update in fear of bricking it. I dont see any manual switch on the camera itself.
  3. I have seen several in use outdoors and after 4-6 years and still going strong. Image quality was excellent on the 5mp. They did have a slower FPS but unless your making movies it doesnt matter all that much. they are a bit bulkier but if your placing them in a outdoor housing unit I guess it wouldnt matter.
  4. I have used it briefly for about 2 months. Any questions?
  5. Yes I read the manual couple times.. So sorry guys, I thought fixed focus means I can't adjust it since it's fixed. Got it to work!
  6. I'm not sure but if someone can confirm that there is no manual focus adjustment as I dont see any knobs or screws to adjust. How do I focus or is it through the web gui? thank you
  7. tangcoral

    ip cameras

    Interesting, never knew there were such devices that do this. Are there any degradation or any disadvantages compared to using cat5 replacement?
  8. I have the acm 1231, and for some reason the sides of the images are slightly convex, almost like its fish eyed. Also the white balance is auto adjusting at random times but more frequently than before. It's set up indoors under fluorescent lighting, but once in awhile it has a yellow hue, than red hue and blue hue randomly as if its searching for the correct setting. It does it at random times but just seems more frequent. I have it set on auto. Is this normal or did I configure it wrong or is the camera deteriorating? thanks in advanced
  9. Ahhhhh yes the camera is brand new. I will try to enable it, I'm sure that was the reason as I tried it straight out of the box
  10. Thanks for the reply. No I didn't forget the IP I just wanted to try out this feature and for the life of me could not get it to work. So I was wondering if anyone had any experience. I logged into my router to see a list of current IP's connected to it.
  11. Trying to push the "L button" to reset unit so it read aloud the dhcp ip and subnet. I power up the unit and wait for the red and green led light up simultaneously so I can depress the reset button but there is no voice prompting anything. Any advice or solution to why mine does not work?
  12. You guys are great, thx for the knowledge! Love the forum, keep up the good work. Wish they had a newbie section so as not to crowd it with newbie questions.
  13. I have read many posts for a few days now but havent grasped the understanding of building a nvr. Maybe cause most of the contents seem to be of professional equipments and not diy low cost home project use. Anyhow, could I purchase a simple low cost camera like HD2100 sanyo and load a vms like exacq for $150 onto my desktop and start viewing and recording? Or do I need to build a specifically designed nvr or server w/client machine? I dont need anything high tech as I am using it for a daily video blog which entails me walking around living room but would like like 1.3m or higher resolution. Starting with one ip camera which uses ethernet so I dont need any special card just connect directly though rj45 or switch router? But if I need to add couple analog cameras later, I would probably need an input for bnc type connections which means I need a dvr hybrid type card? Trying to keep it low cost.
  14. I'm planning to get the mobotix camera for recording daily video blog. Can I take the recorded video and convert the video file to be saved and played back as avi, mpeg mp4 extra. Thought I ask since mobotix uses its own proprietary software instead of h.264 Any difficulties or problems I may run into? Also, can I store the data onto regular simple external hard drive via miniusb to usb since the camera has miniusb port?
  15. Nevermind, I think I will go with FS108P POE switch which seems to do the job. I did come across another brand by trendnet TPE-S44, anyone know if this is any good? Since I'm here, can the mobotix be recorded on a regular pc rather than using NAS? Or can I just plug in an external harddrive via usb to miniusb of mobotix?