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  1. I'm used to using samsungs SIR range of bullets and VR domes, they have brought out a new SCO range looking at the spec of both I can't see much differance accept they have put the price up, the old part number for the bullet was SIR-4160P and the new model is SCO-208RP which doesn't come with a psu anymore, and the dome was SIR-4260VP and the new model is SCV-2080R, can anyone shine some light on this, to me it looks like they have just rebranded an old camera?
  2. m1ke

    Camera Advice

    What sort of budget do you have, I've used Samsung's SIR-4260VP and Sanyo VDC-C1785IRVP, samsungs LED's Dim when you get close to the camera, avoiding white out
  3. m1ke

    Samsung SRD-470D

    I have a Samsung Storage calculator, you just put in how many camera's, what resolution you wish to record at, and how many day's, its for the the Samsung SVR range, I use it all the time as a guide, if you would like me to send it to you, drop us a line
  4. m1ke

    What is the best CCTV Cameras to use

    If there internal and the camera's are looking at the front door, and theres lots of light coming in use something with WDR wide dynamic range, it stops the cameras whiteing out you get a clearer picture maybe something like: [edit by mod-store link removed] the camera's high resolution 600tvl, and works down to very low lux levels, if the camera's outside maybe a vandal resistant dome with IR's