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  1. These cameras, for no apparent reason will go into "Upgrade in Progress". We are having repeated issues with these cameras, 4 or 5 so far all within a months time. The cameras are installed in secure locations and seem to work fine for a week or less, 2 weeks or month or so, we just replaced one with this issue yesterday and the replacement has failed this way already in less than 12 hrs this time. Video reviews of the cameras prior to them entering this mode show no one tampering with them. The screen will flicker then the upgrade msg will appear and we can't get recover them. The cameras are installed on Vicon analog Kollectors without any PTZ controls so I wouldn't think they are getting any data thru the coax line, or if they are capable of upgrading in that manner. Anyone else experience this? Thanks for your time and efforts!
  2. Gmail does not use port 25, they use 465. Just set up mail on a cheap-o dvr and had the same problem. changed smtp port to 465 and it sends just fine now.
  3. I've recently acquired this DVR and am in need of the latest and greatest firmware update (currently at 1.3.2). I've scoured the Bosch security site as well as Google to no avail. Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi all, new here. Been working with an older panasonic HD500A and the web-based administrator username/password musta been changed at some point. Would anyone happen to know the dip switch settings that would restore it to default? thanks.