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  1. brivw

    Avermedia DVR EBxxxx SDK

    Do you still have the application above for iphone to view EB series DVR? The link is dead if you have could PM me to download again? Hope you can help thanks
  2. brivw

    Averdigi i-phoneviewer app.

    do you have the steel blue case eb or black plastic dvr. I have the steel blue case
  3. brivw

    Averdigi i-phoneviewer app.

    Has anybody got the iphone viewer working with the EB1304NET? I have upgraded the firmware on my DVR to the latest version (A3.02.38) but when I try to connect all i get is "starting netwok failed". It obviously contacts the DVR because the channel buttons 1 to 4 are showing up for the four cameras. I don't see any options to enable handyviewer checkbox, were do you do this, on the DVR itself or in the setup menu via webpage? Anybody help?