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  1. i have fixed this issue. pm me if you care
  2. Tom12345

    Blizzard- some cctv pics

    It was crazy here in ct for a few days before by keyesphoto, on Flickr after by keyesphoto, on Flickr WuVSvmjJvBI iTAlcmRGT1o
  3. up and running live CT River feed, webcam...lots of wind and rain. no good for business today. check out the fun. http://www.sourcedsecurity.com/search/sebectec/
  4. Avigilon now has a 1mp and 2mp that are onvif compliant. They look nothing short of stunning. Have not check axis mp ptz prices but I'm sure they would be very competitive.
  5. Tom12345

    switch thoughts

    anyone who cares this one has been working great http://www.netgear.com/business/products/switches/smart-switches/smart-switches/FS726TP.aspx#one not dead yet....2 months running..easy set up...for 12 power ports, i'm not sure there is a better deal out there for what it is. hopefully switch's get explored more on this forum as it pertains to the cameras we use, since the market and needs seem dynamic.
  6. i got some others to from demos and the like...can you file share the ave files to me. anything you got.. email or pm me if you don't wanna make them public..thnx. i always need more clips..
  7. thanks mike. yes it did take a little while
  8. some samples here of h3's...3mp is parking lot 5mp is roadway. entrance is 5mp jpeg 2000...under various lighting conditions http://www.sourcedsecurity.com/multimedia/
  9. Tom12345

    switch thoughts

    ok...i didn't realize it was that straight forward.. thanks for the explanation
  10. Tom12345

    switch thoughts

    The spec you want to look for is typically know as bandwidth, fabric, backplane capacity, switching capacity, or something similar. On the ZyXEL, for example, it's listed as "5.6Gbps non-blocking switching fabric" so if i know my cams bit rate how do i determine if that bandwidth # is enough for a given situation. like if i have 8 cams at 15mbps per cam. how do you make a calculation?
  11. Tom12345

    switch thoughts

    That's not a lot, but it really depends on how much the cameras need; power budget isn't related to speed or throughput performance. Just for example, looking at the specs for the IQEye Sentinel cameras, they state 7W maximum, so seven of those on the Netgear switch would be pushing it. The Cisco can do up to 15.4W/port for up to four ports, or 7.5W/port on all of them. what specs do I have to consider when determining if a switch has good enough bandwidth for my app..
  12. Tom12345

    switch thoughts

    nice....those are probably the best bang for the buck then...