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  1. I have tried the cameras on a tester and they work fine, but when connected to the PC it just comes up as a blank green, so it recognizes that a camera is connected but it doesnt show anything. I cant really figure out what the problem is and I cant seem to find any posts with a similar problem. Maybe its the PC/OS? The specs are: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit Intel i5 - 2500 processor Gigabyte motherboard GA-H67MA-UD2H-B3 4GB RAM ATI HD5650 video card 500GB OS drive and 2TB storage drive (neither are green drives) I might try installing 32 bit windows 7/xp and see if that helps. If that doesnt I have run out of ideas on what I can do.
  2. LordSabre

    NV6480e, cameras show blank green screen

    Yeah definitely socket 1155 and the NV6480 dont go well. I downgraded the computer a little bit to the h55 motherboard and its working fine now Also was able to shave off a few $.
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    NV6480e, cameras show blank green screen

    Sigh, have they made any statement as to when they plan on releasing an update?
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    NV6480E - What computer to build?

    I remember seeing a pdf that said what CPU/Motherboard/RAM/Video Card they had was tested with the NV6480E and what frame rates they had got on viewing/recording. Can't seem to be able to find it again (feel a bit dumb for not bookmaking it). Anyway anyone have any recommendations as to what I should get for the maximum performance? I plan on running it on Windows 7. Thanks! -Josh
  5. I just purchased an apartment building and need to upgrade the CCTV system. Currently only 3 cameras out of 4 working and the dvr box just gave me a blue screen 2 days ago. This is the layout of the building (the one in the blue box): Gotta love google! The single green lines are the north and south entrances. The green box in the middle is main lobby/entrance, its same as the building across (which is visible in the light). I am gonna be using an avermedia NV6480EXP card. Outdoor: I want 4 weatherproof (canadian winters) outdoor cameras, 1 looking north from the main lobby, another looking south from the main lobby and 1 each at the front and back of the building. Whats are your thoughts for b&w vs colour? Its mainly so the cars don't get broken into or people don't damage stuff in the backyard/front. I also need it so I can see remotely if the snow removal is done properly. What kind of cameras am I looking at? Also my liability ends at the blue line so I don't necessarily need to see past that. Its a 3 storey building so I have some height I can work with if needed. Also for light source, there are 4 halogens directed onto the cars on the side of the building, 1 for the back of the building and street lights at the front. Indoor: I need 1 camera at the main entrance, debating if they are necessary at the other entrances (probably might do it anyway). I was thinking of getting a PTZ camera, are they controllable remotely/via iPhone? Does it need to be day/night as the green box I marked is glass. Should it be an IP MP? The lobby also divides the 3 floors into 2 wings, what kind of cameras am I looking at here? The only real reason for even having the cameras there is to make sure there are no fire exit obstacles like furniture/bicycles/supplies left in the hallways. Any suggestions regarding which cameras or which camera specifications are welcome! Thanks, Josh
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    Apartment building 15 Cameras

    I am in Ontario
  7. Hello, I am very glad I found these forums as I was able to find so much information regarding the cards and cards vs standalones. I decided to go for the NV6480EXP as I didn't really have the budget for a 8416 nor do I require real time on all cameras at all times. (the previous owner has left me with an antique 3 camera system that runs when it feels like) Anyway needed some help with the PC system. I will be running 15 cameras and I am not sure any of them will be mp cameras. Posted http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=23118&start=0 in the camera section for more help regarding that. The main reason I am getting the CCTV is so that I can remotely access it from my iPhone/home computer. Also, I wish to have it record for at-least 14 days, 20 would be ideal. I read in one of the other threads using the same card they were using about 100GB per camera per month. So would I be OK if I got a 1TB hard-drive for storage? Also is it possible to compress in real-time, as I read the card does not come with hardware compression. I also plan on getting 1 PTZ camera, are they controllable via iPhone or remote access? What kind of system am I looking at here as far as video card, processor and ram goes? Also read something about aspect ratio problem with the avermedia software which would mean I would have to get a non widescreen monitor. Is this true? Also for the remote viewing what kind of upload speeds would I need on the internet connection? Thanks! Josh
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    Need some help with a 15 camera system

    Well I wanted something easily expandable (as I might buy the other building). Also I don't see how $3.1k for the SA6000E is anywhere close to $840 for NV6480EXP card + lets say even a $1000 computer. Anyway we digress, need some help here! I wanna get the system up and running before it becomes a frozen hell here haha.
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    Apartment building 15 Cameras

    thanks! Its hard to find cnb cameras in canada apparently, although I have asked a few for quotes. What are some other reputable companies? Read KT&T somewhere. Also read a lot about getting sony chips but I see many of the various companies use sony chips.