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  1. You'd better buy another FD8134 and adapt the installation scheme instead of changing the lenses because once you install the wide-angle lenses, you will loose some detail of the images!
  2. ipcamerastoreusa

    Unsecured cameras.

    Very interesting article! |Thanks for sharing! It certainly raises questions about the security negligence of some IP camera users!
  3. ipcamerastoreusa

    AXIS cameras - no problems?

    Try AXIS Q1755! Take a look at the YouTube video:
  4. ipcamerastoreusa

    Samsung SND-460V no video

    You probably haven't forwarded port 554!
  5. ipcamerastoreusa

    Opinion wanted.

    Vivotek IP8161 covers all your requirements! Just additionally buy and install on it a 2.8 mm lens for the close range monitoring of the shelves!
  6. Another alternative to IP8151 is IP8332! We have a review of the camera! It has a better night view than IP8151!
  7. That's right! I'd also recommend what thewireguys did: stick with the well-established brands like Acti, Vivotek, Axis, Sanyo Mobotix, Sony. They are known for the quality of their products!
  8. If you rotate the camera in other direction, does the white balance still change several times in a second?
  9. ipcamerastoreusa

    Outdoor HD IP Fixed Camera

    Absolutely! I fully agree with bpzle: Day/Night Vivotek or Acti IP cameras within the $500 will do the job!
  10. ipcamerastoreusa

    Andriod IP camera app

    You can check out IP Cam Viewer; we wrote a [edit by mod-store link removed] review about it. It is an excellent surveillance app! Of course you have to see if it supports your PTZ camera (see the list below at the link). Other options you may consider are Tiny Cam Monitor Free, Total Control: Video Camera Edition for the Android and eyespyfx - Android apps! Hope that helps!
  11. You have to use optic cable to cover such a great distance!
  12. ipcamerastoreusa

    Mobotix and NAS

    Another recommendation for QNAP. Their price-quality ratio is very good!
  13. VIVOTEK IP8332 and VIVOTEK IP7161! We tested both cameras in our office, as you can see! And wrote a review for each of them in our site's Blog section! We were especially impressed with the Night view from IP7161 - truly megapixel one i.e. excellent detail!
  14. ipcamerastoreusa

    choice of cameras...night vision....wide angle...low light

    We recommend you VIVOTEK IP8332! It has all you need - a megapixel IP camera with an excellent night vision performance!
  15. ipcamerastoreusa

    Need advice I need a regular camera in a babys room

    A suitable IP camera for your case is VIVOTEK IP7134! It is cheap, baby-friendly (wouldn't scare them to death) and is wireless!