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  1. ewee

    NV5000 in Windows Embedded

    Has anyone tried installing a NV5000 card in a system running Windows Embedded Standard (W7SE)? It works fine in XP Embedded but I can't get it to work in W7SE, even when using the Application Compatibility template or when using a custom image containing all components. Error message when launching DVR.exe: Unable to initialize display (0). //Emil
  2. Acti: ACD-2100 - One license ACD-2200 - 4 licenses ACD-2300 - 8 licenses ACD-2400 - 16 licenses //Emil
  3. 16 channels = 16 licenses.
  4. The Acti encoders works great in ExacqVision. You will need one license per channel. When you add the device in EV, you need to add the same device multiple times (one time per channel). Each channel responds to a separate http port. Channel 1 = port 800, Channel 2 = 801 and so on. If you try to connect to a multi port Acti encoder on port 80 (as you would do with a single channel Acti encoder) it will not work. //Emil